Our Fall Overstock Sale Ends 11/1!

Our Fall Overstock Sale ends this Friday, November 1st! Make sure to mention the promo code LASTCHANCE to unlock our overstock pricing!

Northeast Battery is launching it’s first ever Fall Overstock sale!  We’re moving inventory and that means we’re able to offer you significant discounts on some of our favorite batteries. Get yours today while supplies lasts!

See what’s on sale below, then get in touch with our Customer Service team to get pricing and place your order.


 Brand SKU
Ultrapower 559
Ultrapower 575
Ultrapower Plus 34-PC1500T
Ultrapower 625/75
Ultrapower 624F
Enersys Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT
Ultrapower 634/78
Ultrapower 675
Ultrapower Plus CP24F
Ultrapower 124R
Ultrapower Plus CP35
Ultrapower 548
Ultrapower 558
Ultrapower Plus CP51R
Ultrapower 651


 Brand SKU
Ultrapower Plus CP31S
Ultrapower Plus EGMXCL-31S
Enersys Odyssey PS31-925
Ultrapower XH8D-BUS-C1
Ultrapower 1031S
Ultrapower 908D
Superior PHX31-10P
Ultrapower S4D
Superior PHX31-11S
Ultrapower Plus 9AL-300
Ultrapower Plus N120
Ultrapower Plus 9AR-300


 Brand  SKU  
Trojan T605LPT
Trojan T105-AGM
Trojan T125UT
Full River DC210-12
Trojan T125LPT-MV
Trojan L16-AGM
Trojan T105AP
Trojan T145UT
Trojan J305-AGM
Trojan L16H-AC
Trojan J185-AGM
Trojan J185P-AC
Trojan J185E-AC
Trojan J305H-AC
Trojan RANGER 160


 Brand  SKU
Lithium RB50


 Brand  SKU
Trojan 27TMH
Enersys Odyssey PC1800FT
Ultrapower 1027M
Trojan 27TMX
Ultrapower RV24
Ultrapower 524M
Ultrapower EV27
Trojan 24TMX
Enersys Odyssey 31M-PC2150T
Trojan SCS200
Ultrapower EV8D
Ultrapower EV31
Trojan SCS150
Ultrapower EV27TM
Ultrapower 825


 Brand  SKU  
Motobatt MBTX20UHD
Motobatt MBTX24U
Motobatt MBTX14AU
Motobatt MBTX16U
Enersys Odyssey PC310
Yuasa YB30CL-B
Yuasa YB16CL-B
Enersys Odyssey PC545
Motobatt MB12U
Motobatt MB9U
Yuasa YB14A-A2
Motobatt MBU1R-35
Yuasa YTX20CH-BS
Yuasa YTX14AH-BS
Motobatt MBTX7U


 Brand  SKU
Enersys HX 12HX330-FR
C&D UPS12-210MR
Enersys SBS SBS-40
C&D UPS12-540MR
C&D UPS12-490MR
Enersys SBS SBS-112F
C&D UPS12-100MR
Enersys HX 12HX100R-FR
Enersys HX 12HX150R-FR
Enersys SBS TEL12-30
Enersys SBS TEL12-45
Hitachi HRL12-150WFR


 Brand  SKU   
Ultrapower UP12220-IT
Ultrapower UP121100Z
Ultrapower UP12120F2
Ultrapower UP6120F1
Ultrapower UP1250F1
Ultrapower UP645
Ultrapower UP1290F2
Enersys NP NP12-12T
Enersys NP NP5-12T
Enersys NP NP5-6
Enersys NP NP2.8-6
Enersys NP NP9-12T
Ultrapower UP12180NB
Enersys NP NP33-12BFR
Enersys NP NP10-6

Place your order with our Customer Service team right now! Don’t forget to mention promo code LASTCHANCE when placing your order!