NEB Mailbag: What are the most common lead acid battery mistakes?

Anytime you make a purchase, it’s best to understand the ins and outs of your new product. But, let’s be honest – sitting and reading through a manual or doing research isn’t always the top item on your to-do list. So, we narrowed down what you need to know here. If you’re new to lead […]

Battery 101: Equalizing Charges

A topic we receive regular questions about is equalizing charges – or the deliberate overcharging of a battery. Since there’s a lot of confusion about what it is, how to do it, and when it should be done, we’ve compiled the basics of an equalizing charge. Let’s jump in. What is an Equalizing Charge? An equalizing charge is […]

Battery 101: Three Things You Need to Know About Lead Acid Batteries

The Three Most-Asked Questions Our team here at Northeast Battery fields a ton of questions about batteries and how they work. While we get a range of questions, we thought we would go ahead and answer the three most commonly asked questions about lead acid batteries. Ready? Here we go. Do lead acid batteries develop a memory? The quick […]

NEB Question of the Week: What is the difference between AGM and GEL Technology?

The technology used to create batteries has come a long way since the time of glass cells and wooden encasements. Now we have specialized technology and advancements and it can get confusing trying to keep it all straight. So for this question of the week, we’d like to untangle some of this confusion by asking […]

NEB Mailbag: Do Cement Floors Ruin Car Batteries?

You may have been told to never put a car battery directly on the floor of the garage because the cement will cause the battery to leak or loose its charge. …Is this really true? Knowing what we do about batteries and cement it just doesn’t make sense. Or does it? (Fear not – we know […]

Battery 101: Batteries, Defined

Batteries make stuff work – that’s what most people understand about batteries and how they work. But since the invention of the battery, scientists and engineers have not only developed better batteries, but have also created life changing machines that are dependent upon them. To kickstart your battery education, check out some of the most basic […]