Battery 101:  Is It A Good Idea To Jump Start My Lawnmower Battery?

When your lawnmower battery dies, your first instinct may be to junk it and grab a new one. Unless the battery is too old to be recharged, a jump start might be worth a try. Don’t just grab the jumper cables and go, however – that could lead to disaster. First, follow a couple steps: Make […]

Everything You Need to Know About Marine/Boat Batteries

Marine batteries, commonly known as boat batteries, are just as important to think about maintaining as your car battery. Proper care makes sure when you’re taking the boat out for the first time in the spring or summer, you’re not left with an unexpected dead battery. Here’s what you need to know about the maintenance and care […]

Battery 101: Top 5 Reasons Batteries Fail Prematurely

It’s undeniable: batteries fail over time. Even though that’s true, you can help extend it’s life. Unfortunately, many batteries come to an early demise simply because they aren’t properly maintained. Before you toss out another battery before it’s time, read the top five reasons batteries fail prematurely, and learn how to prevent it from happening to you. Temperature […]

So, Which Types of Batteries Should Be Recycled?

You hear it all the time: recycle. The issue of recycling in today’s world is a big one, and isn’t unique to the battery industry. But even now, not all batteries are created equal and can’t be disposed of equally either. It’s important to understand what kinds of batteries you have and which should be […]

Battery 101: Top 3 Car Battery Safety Tips To Know

Taking care of your car battery is essential – and not overly complicated – when you know the basics. That being said, a car battery is a powerful source of energy that can be dangerous if not treated with care. The next time you pop the hood, make sure you use these top three safety tips to […]

Battery 101: How to Prolong the Life of Your Lithium Battery

Lithium based batteries are taking the lead in nickel-cadmium batteries, thanks to their stability and relatively low maintenance nature. Plus, self-discharge rate is lower than half the rate of a nickel battery, and there is little to no harm when the cells are exposed. Although the lithium based battery has many advantages, it still has its limits […]

Battery 101: You, Water, and Your Battery

Water, or electrolytes, are a very important part of what makes your battery work. The amount of water in combination with the size of the battery plates is what determines the amount of charge your lead acid battery will store. Knowing how to properly manage the water levels in your battery can help ensure the […]

Battery 101: Most Common Lead Acid Battery Mistakes

Anytime you make a purchase, it’s best to understand the ins and outs of your new product. But, let’s be honest – sitting and reading through a manual or doing research isn’t always the top item on your to-do list. So, we narrowed down what you need to know here. If you’re new to lead […]

Battery 101: Equalizing Charges

A topic we receive regular questions about is equalizing charges – or the deliberate overcharging of a battery. Since there’s a lot of confusion about what it is, how to do it, and when it should be done, we’ve compiled the basics of an equalizing charge. Let’s jump in. What is an Equalizing Charge? An equalizing charge is […]

Battery 101: 3 Useful Facts On Lead Acid Batteries

The Three Most-Asked Questions Our team here at Northeast Battery fields a ton of questions about batteries and how they work. While we get a range of questions, we thought we would go ahead and answer the three most commonly asked questions about lead acid batteries. Ready? Here we go. Do lead acid batteries develop a memory? The quick […]

Battery 101: AGM vs. GEL Technology

The technology used to create batteries has come a long way since the time of glass cells and wooden encasements. Now we have specialized technology and advancements and it can get confusing trying to keep it all straight. So for this question of the week, we’d like to untangle some of this confusion by asking […]