Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting: Reliability, Redefined. 

When it comes to alerts and being prepared in the event of an outage, you can never have too much reliability. Emergency lighting systems are there to provide backup in case the lights go out, and those systems can differ in their sources and type of light uses. That helps dictate what type of battery you need. Northeast Battery has whatever battery that may be.

We only work with the best – like Enersys, who offers an extensive range of premium pure lead, standard and Gel VRLA batteries.  FULLRIVER, Dynasty, and ULTRAPOWER are also great options for alarm systems, and municipalities like fire and rescue.

One thing all these batteries have in common is Northeast Battery. Our team works with these battery lines daily, all across the Northeast, from Virginia to Maine. Whatever you need, as often as you need it, Northeast Battery is there to deliver.

In one simple step, you can get a quote. Of course, you can always visit one of our locations or call our team to get started down the path toward better batteries.