3 signs you need to replace your alarm system batteries

Periodically, the batteries in your alarm system need to be replaced for optimal performance. Before you determine when to replace the batteries, you’ll have to check your system to see what kind of power source it uses. Some systems are operated on electricity, while others exclusively use batteries. Others use a combination of both. Northeast […]

How long do electric power wheelchair batteries last?

Whether you’re just purchasing your first wheelchair or you’ve used one for some time, you may be wondering how much battery life you can get out of your wheelchair. The answer to that question varies. Generally, you can expect to get about eight hours of use out of a fully charged battery. A battery will […]

Is the future of agriculture battery-powered?

From tools to tractors, batteries are playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. As battery technology advances, the farming industry is finding a broader use of applications for batteries in many areas. Batteries for agricultural purposes are lighter-weight and last longer than ever before, which makes them a go-to choice for performance, systems operations, and […]

How to get your motorcycle battery to last longer

Although motorcycle batteries inevitably have a finite lifespan, there are some ways to make a battery last longer. Proper maintenance and care for a battery plays a large role in its longevity, but the type of battery you buy for your motorcycle also determines how long it will last. Northeast Battery can help you find […]

What is the best battery for a lawn mower?

Choosing the right battery for your lawn mower is important for optimal mower performance and efficiency. There are several factors you’ll need to consider to ensure you get the right one. The knowledgeable staff at Northeast Battery can fill you in on the optimal battery for your mower’s needs. Characteristics to Consider When selecting batteries, […]

5 things you should know about RV batteries

Recreational Vehicle (RV) batteries are one of the most important things you take with you on the road when you travel. After all, they’re largely the reason that you get from Point A to Point B. Most have a deep cycle design, and they are designed to provide tremendous amounts of power so that you […]

Can you mix old and new golf cart batteries?

Whether you’re trying to save money or get the most life possible out of the existing batteries on your golf cart, you might be wondering if it’s okay to mix new batteries with old ones. Generally, mixing old and new batteries is not recommended due to possible issues with performance and safety. Problems With Using […]

How to prevent corrosion of marine batteries

Batteries need proper care and maintenance to function properly. That’s especially true of marine batteries, which are subject to certain stresses and operating conditions that can make them wear out and develop problems such as corrosion if they are not properly cared for. Whether you’re planning to store your boat before winter or you are […]

Choosing the right battery for your RV

To get to all the places you need to go, it’s important to have the right battery for your RV travel trailer. While you can stay at campsites and travel centers on the road, you often need to rely on your trailer as an alternate source of power. Having the right battery on hand ensures […]

Selecting a marine battery charger for your boat

Selecting the right marine battery charger for your boat is important. There are several different types of battery chargers that you can get, including portable and onboard battery chargers. You can even get a hybrid inverter and battery charger for your boat. Batteries are made for boats of all sizes and styles, which means you’ll […]

3 Indications that it’s Time for a New Snowmobile Battery

Like any other piece of equipment, such as a car or motorcycle, your snowmobile’s battery will eventually lose its power. Fortunately, there are indications that you can look for that signal it’s time for a new one. The helpful staff at Northeast Battery is ready to share some tips to keep your snowmobile going strong. […]

3 Battery Tips to Keep Your Car Running this Winter

Winter is one of the hardest seasons for a car’s battery. Although batteries aren’t intended to last forever, the freezing cold temperatures that often accompany winter can drain your car’s battery even faster. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help your car’s battery continue to run strong all winter long. Northeast Battery […]