Avoid Ruining Your Battery: How to Choose the Right Charger

You can have the best battery in the world, but without a good charger to keep it going, you’ll be left with nothing more than a really big paperweight. Countless users accidentally ruin batteries by making simple charging mistakes. Now, this doesn’t mean you can (or should) run right out and buy the first charger […]

Battery 101: Winterizing Car Batteries

Anyone who lives in a cold environment knows the strains winter imposes on your batteries. If the battery is weak to begin with, you can bet a hard freeze will leave your battery deader than a doornail. Contrary to popular belief, the type of battery you have rarely makes a difference – Gel or AGM doesn’t […]


There’s no question that the world as a whole is moving toward environmentally friendly practices. Unfortunately, not all batteries are keeping up with the times; times where consumers and business owners want (need) options. RELiON lithium iron phosphate batteries are stepping up to the plate with innovative solutions to some of the battery industries oldest […]

Battery 101: How To Store Your Batteries In The Off Season

We get a lot of questions about how to properly store batteries. Let’s break down the real do’s and don’ts for storing your batteries in the offseason. Do: Get It Clean and Keep It Clean Dirt and corrosion can increase a battery’s discharge rate. It’s important to clean the battery casing and the terminals thoroughly before […]

Battery 101: The Pros And Cons of a Gel Mat Battery

If you’ve ever shopped for a battery you know 1) there’s a ton, and 2) they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Gel mat batteries are no different. Understanding the pros and cons of a gel battery is the best first step in determining if this type of battery is right for you. What Is A […]

6 Steps to Check Your Battery’s Electrolyte Levels

Battery maintenance is a commonly overlooked topic, especially when it comes to car batteries. More often than not, if you pop your car hood, the battery you will see is what’s called a wet cell battery. This means that it has water, or electrolyte, that is used as a connector between the battery’s electrodes. This […]


Ever heard of C-Max™ technology? We’ll delve deeper into it in a minute, but here’s what you need to know:  it’s a great example of how Trojan Battery is pushing ahead and developing technologies that make batteries perform more consistently and with more durability. Trojan’s new promotional campaign for Reliant AGM is “All You Need […]

Battery 101: Spot These Battery Differences

When it comes to batteries, you have more options than a pizza topping list (keep it classic: pepperoni). It can be daunting, confusing, and overwhelming to say the least. Cars, boats, lawnmowers, golf carts, motorcycles — not all equipment is equal. The next time you need a battery, use this break down to make sure you […]

What’s The Deal With Tesla’s Powerwall?

Solar power has been at the forefront of nearly every alternative power conversation for a long time now, and Tesla wasted no time getting in on the action. With more and more people installing solar panels on their homes and businesses Tesla saw a need and created the Powerwall. What Is Tesla’s Powerwall? The Powerwall is […]

New! Trojan Battery Releases Solar AGM Line

Demand in residential storage, solar home systems, and remote telecoms hasn’t gone unnoticed by battery manufacturers. As more people become interested in and aware of renewable energy, we’re in need of more engineered solutions. Trojan Battery has recognized this need, and  now offers the Solar AGM line of maintenance-free, true deep-cycle batteries. Here’s what you […]

Four Ways to Prepare For Power Failure

Electricity is a major factor or component in nearly everything we do on a daily basis. From the digital alarm that awakens us, to enabling us to do our jobs and even the light we use to read in bed at night, power has become vital to our way of life. So needless to say […]

Battery 101: How To Avoid Motive Power Downtime

Downtime, whatever the reason, is costly and stressful. From planned maintenance to unexpected failures, downtime happens, and sometimes at truly inconvenient times. Use these tips to make sure that the only downtime you experience is the time you plan for.   Assess The Fleet and Power Usage Before you can take steps to preventing downtime, […]