Saving More Gasoline: Would You Opt For Stop-Start Technology in Your Next Vehicle?

When you shop for a car, hundreds of features may be considered throughout your research. The vehicle’s miles-per-gallon average is definitely a concern among most consumers. In response to this consumer need, car manufacturers have been trying to conserve gasoline in their designs for years. The latest trend is incorporating stop-start technology into the engine. […]

Dead Battery? Why You Should Consider a Trickle Charger for Your Car

Everyone has dealt with a dead battery before. It never comes at a convenient time. Driving to work or moving around in an alternative vehicle are now put on hold. Avoiding these situations is always the goal. You’ve probably heard of trickle chargers in the past. Do they really make a difference? Are they considered […]

Four Boat Battery Basics You Should Know

Spring is in the air (we’re pretending anyway), and so are the sights and sounds of boaters everywhere hauling out their rides and getting it ready for the water. Sure you know how to clean it up and make sure the motor is in good working order, but what do you know  about your boat’s battery? […]

Get Ready for Spring: Golf-Cart Battery Care and Charging Tips

Everyone’s guilty of some mistakes with their batteries. The results of these well-intentioned actions are often dead batteries, including lead-acid models used for golf carts. Short story: golf-cart batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis. But, you can fix those mistakes you might be unknowingly making. Avoid common habits and mistakes by understanding the […]

Your One-Stop Guide to Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming a larger part of the lives of consumers – and also as those consumers demand more from the companies they work with and purchase from. We’ve compiled facts about renewable energy you can’t ignore, and the statistics to help us all better understand how we use energy.

Battery 101: 5 Tips You Need For Boat Maintenance

Owning a boat can be a pricey adventure so finding ways to save money is a must. One of the easiest ways to keep your boat expenses down is by properly maintaining it to avoid costly repairs. Unfortunately, so many boat owners are unaware of what boat maintenance entails and end up spending good money […]

Battery 101: Maintaining Building Emergency Systems

In an emergency, it’s imperative that the lighted exit signs work and people are able to exit the building safely. This means that all exit and emergency lights, as well as all alarm systems, have to be properly maintained to ensure they meet all federal and state requirements. In many areas, these requirements include provisions […]

Deciding Between Batteries: The Battle of Deep-Cycle vs. SLI Designs

Batteries are deceptive from a cursory glance. For the most part, they’re square or rectangular shapes with a mysterious, black housing. The inner workings may seem like magic to a layperson, but each battery has a unique design and purpose. You’ve probably heard of deep-cycle batteries before. The term “SLI” also comes up in conversation. […]

13 Unexpected Events that Happened on National Battery Day

Two things: first, National Battery Day is this Sunday, February 18th, and second, nobody seems to know the true reason Battery Day was chosen to fall on February 18th. So, we’ve compiled a list of some interesting events that occurred on this day in history (spoiler alert: none of them give any insight into why […]

Selecting Your Power Source: AGM Batteries to the Rescue

Most people have some familiarity with lead-acid batteries. They supply your car, motorcycle or golf cart with startup power. But – there are better battery technologies out there. AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries are well-equipped to support both residential and industrial applications. Learn more about this battery type so that you can update your power sources […]

How to Prolong Your Battery’s Lifespan: Fighting Off Battery Sulfation

Activate your truck, golf cart or industrial machine with a battery in tow, and you know that power might be an issue one day. Lead-acid batteries are the workhorses of the industry for the most part. They’re reliable to a certain degree – however. LA batteries have an enemy hidden within their basic design: sulfation. […]

Battery 101: The Right Way to Winterize Your Boat

Every winter we think about all everything we have to do to get ready for the onslaught of snow and ice that head our way. We check the window insulation and change the filter in the furnace. We gas up the snow plow and make sure each car has a sturdy ice scraper. For boat owners, this time of […]