Our Fall Overstock Sale Ends 11/1!

Our Fall Overstock Sale ends this Friday, November 1st! Make sure to mention the promo code LASTCHANCE to unlock our overstock pricing! Northeast Battery is launching it’s first ever Fall Overstock sale!  We’re moving inventory and that means we’re able to offer you significant discounts on some of our favorite batteries. Get yours today while […]

How to Use A Battery Hydrometer

Car batteries are heavy and mysterious items when it comes to their operations. To many people, the battery either works or fails altogether at some point in time. Understanding how a battery functions and steps to check it are great ways to familiarize yourself with this changing technology. Get familiar with how to use a […]

…Are GEL Batteries Worth It?

Many terms are tossed around when it comes to batteries, including sealed, flooded and valve regulated. Gel batteries are also a common term, which refers to the sulfuric acid and silica substances within the housing that create a stiff paste to conduct electricity. If you’ve been pricing gel batteries, you may wonder if you should […]

NOCO Power Accessories: Charging up the Mobile World

In this day and age, you’ve got to have power. Our team at Northeast Battery takes this fact very seriously with heavy-duty batteries to serve nearly every need. Bring the electrical outlet with you when your batteries are running low. NOCO offers some of the best jump starters in the industry. Take a look at […]

….Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart?

Cruising around the golf course in your trusty cart takes no effort at all until the battery has problems. Your 18-hole excursion is now a lesson in pushing the cart back to the clubhouse. In a pinch, you might wonder about using a marine battery instead of a golf-cart battery for the vehicle. Although there’s […]

The Best Batteries for Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Crisscrossing the nation on a roaring Harley Davidson motorcycle is a dream for many people. The landscape whipping past you won’t be your view today, however, if the bike won’t start up in the morning. The culprit is an improper battery. Educate yourself about the best batteries for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Reliability depends on […]

Deciphering the Lingo: Cranking Amps Versus Cold-Cranking Amps

There’s a lot of industry jargon when it comes to car batteries. From post locations to voltage drops, the standard car battery has a lot of specifications. You might be familiar with two terms associated with these power sources: cranking amps and cold-cranking amps. Learn how to decipher between these two terms so that you […]

Powering the Cut: How to Select the Right Lawnmower Battery

When you have a relatively large yard, you need an equally efficient lawnmower. Many people invest in a riding mower or similar model to get the job done. That top-of-the-line tool isn’t going to travel too far without the proper lawn mower batteries. Learn all about the details that go into making a garden battery. […]

Five Steps to Take If You Think Your Lawnmower Battery is Dead

Picture your lawn after a week or longer of no mowing. It’s a jungle out there! You hop on your lawnmower, and it’s dead in the water. This frustrating scenario occurs to almost every homeowner at some point in life. Get to know the signs that your lawn tractor battery is dead. The clues will […]

How to Install Lithium Batteries on a Sailboat

Running any power-related device on a sailboat used to require lead-acid batteries. Hauling these heavy batteries around was your only choice. With battery and solar options evolving every day, however, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to power resources. Lithium batteries for a boat is the latest trend. It’s gaining momentum […]

Trojan T-105 and T-875: The Only Golf Batteries You Need

As the world leader of engineering deep cycle batteries, Trojan plays an essential role in curating the golf experience. When new technology evolves, Trojan is there. The Trojan T-105 and T-875 motive batteries are part of the backbone of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries. The T-105 (6V) and T-875 (8V) are perfect for a number of different golf and […]

Upgrading Your Car Battery: Converting a Side-Post to a Top-Post Style

When you lift up the engine hood on your car, you might be in for a surprise. Today’s car batteries are normally identical; a black housing with top posts for power connections are commonplace. However, you may encounter a side-post battery in your car. Explore the steps in converting a side-post battery into a top-post […]