Fullriver Battery

Your clean energy solution

What makes a good battery? The list is long, but Fullriver has its own key to success: rigorous controls throughout the entire battery manufacturing process.

The entire battery and component manufacturing operation, from grid casting to final assembly, formation, and test, is housed at Fullriver’s award-winning manufacturing facility. Fullriver batteries provide reliability, and offer the absolute highest reserve capacity — and the longest cycle life for heavy duty deep cycle applications. That’s important – with Fullriver, you know you have a solution designed for cycling, for hundreds of recharges, and for your low-maintenance and safe operating requirements.

What’s also important is knowing the battery supplier you choose will be there for you no matter what. Northeast Battery prides itself on offering unparalleled customer service. When you need us – whenever you need us – we’ll be there. You can even request a quote or ask us a question right now. 

Demanding vehicles and deep discharge applications need a battery that can handle the load. That’s Fullriver. For electric, marine, recreational vehicles, think Fullriver. Plus, Fullriver batteries are great for solar and wind power, material handling equipment and much more.