The region's largest battery distributor since 1985

We have exceptional products, unparalleled service and total customer satisfaction – guaranteed!

Northeast Battery is more than a supplier – think of us as your solutions provider.

We are the region’s largest independent battery distributor since 1985. And we’re solving your problems from end-to-end, with exceptional products, unparalleled service and a team with decades of experience.

Northeast Battery has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Our growth is powered by our belief that you come first. We want to provide you with more than batteries. We strive to deliver a solution to a problem, and we do that with our team of dedicated experts. Our comprehensive product line hails from respected manufacturers like Trojan and Enersys, among many others.  We work with the best because you, your products, equipment, and customers – deserve the best.

Our philosophy is simple, really. To reliably deliver unbelievable service in a believable way, with products that match. You can call us, ask us for a quote, or find us at one of our many locations in the region. You can also read what our experts have to say on our blog. No matter how you find us, you’ll find the same reliable and unparalleled service and industry knowledge we’re known for.

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We know you need affordable batteries with quality you can count on.

That’s why we work to provide the absolute best batteries from brands like:

  • Trojan
  • Fullriver
  • Odyssey
  • RELiON
  • EnerSys
  • MotoBATT

For golf, the gold standard is the maroon battery from Trojan. As a Master Distributor for Trojan, Northeast Battery provides the best batteries for golf carts that result in longer trips, less downtime, and an overall better experience.

With batteries like ULTRAPOWER Deep Cycle and FullRiver AGM, you also get variety to choose from. Not everyone has the same needs or budget, so we don’t expect one type of battery to fit all. Request a quote today to get the best recommendation for you.