Team: Customer Service at a Higher Standard

We’re enormously proud of our company focus on continuously strengthening our partnerships with our customers and our suppliers. We’ve created a customer “funnel,” seamlessly bonded from end to end – from the manufacturer, through distribution, to the end user. Through every channel, we’re there to support with our exceptional customer service.

Picking out the right products is only part of the story. You need the right batteries, but you also need an easy and reliable delivery service. And knowledgeable sales reps. And an easy way to place an order. Our Customer Service team has years of experience doing just that – getting batteries to you on a reliable schedule from a reliable team. You can call our team at any time to ask about a delivery, place an order, or even get a quote.

There are a lot of uncertainties in your daily life. Don’t let customer service be one of them. Choose NEB, and choose to be treated the way a customer deserves.

Call us today at 800-441-8824.

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