ULTRAPOWER DEEP CYCLE AGM: Outperform While Under Pressure

An AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery does what a lot of other batteries can’t: they help you sleep at night. Because an AGM battery gives peace of mind that other batteries just can’t.

The AGM battery life expectancy, the design and construction of the battery, the reliability it affords – it becomes one less thing to worry about. For electric motors or wheelchairs, for marine applications or RVs, why wait? Make your life easier (and sleep easier) with ULTRAPOWER deep cycle AGM batteries.

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What is AGM? Freedom from electrolyte maintenance, and more.

AGM battery life expectancy is just one of the reasons more people are trending toward this technology. Compared to conventional designs, AGM batteries can have 2x the cycle life. But battery charging isn’t the only reason an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery is turning heads.

AGM: A better lead acid battery

  • COMPLETELY SPILLPROOF. Enjoy flexible installation thanks to a smart, spill proof design. Since AGM batteries do not give off hydrogen gas under normal circumstances/use, they are safe for use in enclosed environments.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE. Eliminate watering and unnecessary maintenance and because of the lack of gas emission, the terminals stay corrosion free.
  • ADDED RESILIENCY. A high, deep discharge abuse tolerance provides more resiliency (and dependability) to your deep cycle service; the construction of AGM batteries provides a superior resistance to high vibration applications.
  • MORE INTERNAL PROTECTION. Thanks to an enhanced electrolyte suspension system, more electrolytes are absorbed protecting your internal components, and reduces internal resistance.

Deep Cycle AGM batteries: when you need reliability

The ULTRAPOWER experts, we live for new battery technology. We know that AGM technology is the next-greatest thing for your classic lead acid battery. AGM deep cycle batteries are great for:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Electric vehicles
  • Sailboats
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Portable Power
  • Standby and emergency backup

Your AGM deep cycle battery awaits

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