The #1 cause of battery failure is acid stratification.
So, we fixed that.

Traditionally, acid in the electrolyte settles at the bottom of your battery, which leads to excess corrosion and charge imbalance. That’s what causes acid stratification. That’s bad.

So, what we did is create a battery that causes the electrolyte to circulate and continuously mix preventing acid stratification. Which is good – very good.

ULTRAPOWER +PLUS with MIXTECH combines 360 degree acid mixing technology with expanded metal grids and advanced active metals. That results in a premium battery for most modern vehicles. To get less of bad and more of good, reach out to our team today. 

Tested, proven – better.

Our ULTRAPOWER +PLUS batteries with MIXTECH technology are exclusive to Northeast Battery. With these batteries, you’ll get:

  • a tested and proven battery that dramatically improves active material utilization
  • 2x the cycle life of comparable conventional batteries
  • 1.5x the life of replacement market EFB batteries

If you’re using original equipment EFB batteries or AGM batteries, ULTRAPOWER +PLUS with MIXTECH is a great option. Talk to our team today to get more info about ULTRAPOWER batteries.

What you get with ULTAPOWER +PLUS

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. Our MIXTECH batteries meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) performance and quality requirements.

VIBRATION RESISTANCE. Element bonding uses specific glue techniques that help resist positive plate growth, and reduce vibration-related failures.

START-STOP MICRO-CYCLING. These batteries support the micro-cycling and partial state of charge use typical of long urban commutes and in start-stop and anti-idle vehicles.

EXTREME TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE. The 360 degree acid mixing eliminates thermal gradients and improves life at extreme temperatures.

Bottomline? MIX TECH prevents acid build up from killing your batteries, and can extend their life up to 2x.

Get longer life, great performance, and more reliability with ULTRAPOWER. Get a quote or more information right now.