How NOCO Helps Drive Battery Longevity

Rechargeable batteries have all sorts of myths associated with them. Developing a memory with lead-acid models is a common misconception that still needs to be cleared up. These batteries don’t have charging memory, but they can discharge and become less productive over time. Discover how NOCO is driving the mission to improve battery longevity. This brand has unique answers to your everyday power dilemmas.

The Basic Jump Starter

The GB40 is NOCO’s basic product for jump starting your vehicle. This handy toolfits into any trunk where it holds a reasonable charge. In fact, this particular model can jump start up to 20 vehicles before it requires another charging session.

The manufacturer is constantly working to improve battery longevity with its lithium technology built into every product. When you need a simple power resource, the GB40 is a great addition to your fleet.

Convenient Device Power

NOCO’s products aren’t just for jump starting your vehicle either. There’s a convenient USB port that can support all of your mobile devices. Consider a battery charge for these units, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Headphones
  • Photography equipment

If a device has a USB-charging port, it can probably be powered by NOCO’s products.

Battery Storage

You might store devices or rechargeable batteries for a few weeks or months. Regardless of the ambient temperatureor other environmental conditions, batteries will ultimately discharge over time. A charge isn’t infinite. In fact, sulfation might occur during this storage period that permanently mars the battery’s efficacy.

NOCO’s products make it possible to store batteries with only minimal maintenance. Pull those batteries out on a frequent basis and charge them with NOCO’s devices. The patented safety technology reduces any fumes or heat that might be generated by the process.

The Recharging Question

As Battery Universitypoints out, lead-acid batteries go through several stages of protected charging before they level out. If you store your batteries, you might wonder about recharging them when they’re only partially discharged.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much battery charge is on a particular unit. It’s always better to recharge it if it hasn’t been recently used. A discharge down to 80 percent is considered low. Recharge the battery with NOCO’s products to improve longevity.

Fast-Charging Alternative

If you have several vehicles with high-volume liters and diesel engines, one of them is bound to have a bad battery at some point. Reduce downtime with the fast-charging feature found on these NOCO models, such as:

  • GB70
  • GB150

Their operation is simple. Attach the lithium jump starter to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Allow it to charge for only 15 minutes.

Disconnect the device, attach it to your vehicle’s battery and an instant jump start is the result. Waiting around isn’t part of your day anymore.

Discussing Power Options With NEB

Northeast Battery stocks only the very best in battery technology. If you’re unsure of the best device for your application, discuss the details with our team. There’s always a solution that can reduce costs and improve productivity. NOCO’s products and our expertise give you viable options.

Ask Northeast Battery about power resources today. We’re proud to work with NOCO and other brands to extend the life of your batteries. Keep your devices and vehicles powered up with no end in sight. Our experts can help you out every day.


Why is My Smoke Detector Chirping?

Testing your smoke alarm and hearing that shrill sound gives you a preview of how the unit should operate when a hazard arises. There’s a more subtle sound that might emanate from your smoke detector, however. A telltale chirp can suddenly arise and continue on until its mysterious cause is resolved. Learn all about the different reasons why a detector might chirp. It’s basically a warning that something isn’t right with the device.

Low or Dislodged Battery

The most common reason for a chirping noise is a low smoke detector battery. It has enough power for safe operation at the moment, but it’ll soon be outright discharged. The chirp is a reminder to replace the battery. It can be consistent or intermittent, reports Kidde United Technologies.

The battery may also be dislodged. Most smoke and carbon monoxide alarms hang from the ceiling. A dislodged battery activates the chirp so that you can fix the issue.

End of Alarm’s Lifespan

The average smoke detector can last for up to 10 years. A chirping noise from the unit might indicate that its sensors aren’t as effective as they once were. It’s time to replace the unit.

Most detectors cannot be recycled as a whole, but be sure to pull the battery for recycling. Verify with the detector’s manufacturer if recycling the unit is possible, however. Technology is constantly evolving, and there may be some new options.

Extreme Temperatures or Humidity

You’re sure that the smoke detector battery charge is entirely full, but a chirping noise is still present. Consider an environmental factor that may be making an impact. Extreme temperatures, such as installing the detector near a stove, can cause chirping malfunctions. The detector’s sensors are being stimulated enough where it may be on the verge of triggering an alarm.

Humidity is another factor. Remember that humidity or moisture is a good conductor. The detector can be practically triggered with enough humidity that’s impacting the sensors.

Dirty or Loose Connection

According to the National Fire Protection Association, alarms use either ionization or photoelectric sensors in order to detect flames, heat or smoke. The smoke detector battery charge is full, but there’s an issue with the sensors. They might be dirty, which causes a chirping sound.

If a wire is loose, chirping occurs so that this connection can be corrected. Alarms are built with these protections so that they’re always reliable.

Electronic Interference

A similar device might be on the same wavelength as your unit. The chirping noise doesn’t occur because of the smoke detector battery. It’s present because its reacting with another device. Pinpointing the device and removing it from the immediate area will solve the issue.

Silent Feature Activated

Many battery powered alarms have a silent or hush feature. It gives you some versatility when it comes to operations. However, the National Fire Protection Association doesn’t suggest that it should be used all the time. A silent mode might compromise your safety in the event of a fire.

As a result, the detector might chirp at regular intervals while it’s in silent mode. Adjust it to the normal mode to see the chirp disappear.

Visit Northeast Battery today for all of your battery needs. From smoke alarms to marine applications, our inventory holds various power sources for your convenience. Keep that chirping at bay with new batteries that stand the test of time. You’ll protect your home and family as a result.

The Best Ways to Preserve Your Vintage Harley Davidson

If you’re a motorcycle fan, a Harley is usually your go-to bike. They’ve been in business for many decades, and their popularity continues to soar. Preserving your vintage bike should be a top priority. Consider these top tips for your Harley Davidson bike so that it roars to life with each passing day.

Choose Enough Power for the Accessories

A primary concern among biking enthusiasts is lack of power. Your bike may be a vintage variety, but it has a lot of additional accessories. For optimal performance, choose a battery with a high CCA or cold-cranking amps value. It can still support the vintage components while powering up GPS or radio devices.

Consider Aging Components

Choose only the best motorcycle batteries for your vintage ride because aging components will draw extra power.

Older parts include these items, such as:

  • Wiring
  • Starter
  • Alternator

A battery with a high CCA value will serve those components with the power that they demand. Hesitant startups are a thing of the past.

Your components will continue to last, but they simply need the battery power to keep up with ignition actions.

Understand Pricing Versus Quality

When you want to preserve your vintage Harley, paying a bit more for a power sports battery is necessary. A more expensive battery will have enhanced quality. The power output will serve the bike’s demands.

Other benefits of a pricier battery can include these features, such as:

  • Longer lasting battery overall
  • Saving money on buying multiple, cheaper batteries

Simply look for the CCA value to guide your purchasing decision.

Select Maintenance-Free Products

The best motorcycle batteries won’t leak or spill as you maneuver your bike across the terrain. Look for maintenance-free batteries that use gel designs. AGM or absorbed-glass mat batteries define this sector.

Install the battery in almost any orientation on the bike, and it’ll operate within its specifications. The gel remains stuck in place as the energy moves through the terminals.

Try Fully Charged Batteries

Preserve your vintage ride with specialized types of batteries. Fully charged products ship direct to customers with no charging necessary. Many riders appreciate this ease so that they can install the battery and hit the road.

They’re also useful if you want to immediately store a bike. It’s possible to add a fully charged battery to a bike and store it for a short time without any damage to the system.

Remember Storage Rules

One strategy for Harley Davidson preservation is by storing the bike during the off-season. If you’re storing the bike for only a short time, the battery can remain on the Harley. Think about pulling the battery from the bike if you’re planning on long-term storage.

Use a trickle charger for the battery so that it maintains its charge. The charger controls the power input so that it’s safely held over time. It should be ready to install when you’re ready to hit the open road.

Think About Versatility

If you own both motorcycles ATVs, think about a battery that can work for both types of vehicles. You preserve your Harley, but can still use the power source for off-road excitement.

Northeast Battery can point you toward a product that works as a motorcycle and ATV battery. Some products are different than others, so we’ll show you our stock. An improper battery won’t give you the same performance as the right design.

Contact Northeast Battery with your questions about Harley batteries and more. Our team can pick out the right product for your needs. Every rider is different. Feel the power between your knees as the Harley engine takes you across the countryside and beyond.

Top 3 Reasons Floor Scrubbers Fail

Floor scrubbers are ingenious machines that clean your floors in record time. They’re normally reserved for commercial purposes, but they can also be rented for residential applications. An issue that users run into, however, is scrubber failure. Uncover the top 3 reasons floor scrubbers fail. The answers are often simple concepts.

1. User Error

The most common issue that arises involves user error. An automatic floor scrubber powers up for a few minutes, but then it dies off rather rapidly. Problems don’t usually originate from the battery or charger. It’s the connections that may be in question.

People plug in the charger and connect it to the scrubber. They don’t verify if there’s power actually flowing to the machine, however. Look at the on-board gauge, which tells you if the machine is receiving a steady stream of electricity.

Floor scrubber troubleshooting should always start with the most basic checkpoints:

  • Verify that the electrical outlet doesn’t have a tripped circuit breaker, for example.
  • Look for a tight connection between the charger and machine. Loose connections will always result in no power and a failed scrubber.

Apply these same concepts to other machines in your life, including a mysterious power issue with the lawnmower. Battery power is reliable when you check your connections each time.

2. Contact or Wiring Issue

Floor scrubber troubleshooting also extends to the tiniest parts of the connectors. Some chargers and floor scrubbers have connectors with plastic housings and hidden metal contacts. Constant plugging and unplugging activities can warp the plastic and bend the metal.

The scrubber might work fine today, and tomorrow it has an unusual power issue. Take a look at these connectors. Pull out a flashlight if necessary. Metal that’s bent even a fraction of an inch won’t make the proper contact. The result is a scrubber that malfunctions.

With the charger disconnected, use a pair of pliers to adjust the contact back into place. You may need to watch the charging session afterward to verify that the power is flowing.

There may be many battery improvements in the works, according to Battery University, but every technology will use some form of wire to transport electrical power at this point. Don’t forget to check if the wires are frayed or damaged on the charger. Electrical shorts won’t allow the scrubber to be charged, which leads to failures.

3. Dead Batteries

Simple reasons floor scrubbers fail involve the batteries themselves. For most machines, their batteries should last between two and five years. The lifespan depends on usage frequency and maintenance.

To check if your battery is dead, place a voltmeter on the contacts. The battery must have a load, so attach it to the scrubber in its usual position. Depending on the number of batteries, healthy power sources should reflect their full voltage. A six-volt battery, for instance, should report this voltage or higher if it’s in good shape. Replace the battery if it fails to rise to these values.

Don’t forget to maintain the batteries with proper watering and corrosion removal, reports the Family Handyman. The simplest machines, including the family vacuum cleaner, require regular care.

Get all of your power questions answered with a call to Northeast Battery today. From cleaning machines to golf carts, today’s devices need batteries that last. Allow us to point you in the right direction. Reliable power is a necessity today.