How NOCO Helps Drive Battery Longevity

Rechargeable batteries have all sorts of myths associated with them. Developing a memory with lead-acid models is a common misconception that still needs to be cleared up. These batteries don’t have charging memory, but they can discharge and become less productive over time. Discover how NOCO is driving the mission to improve battery longevity. This brand has unique answers to your everyday power dilemmas.

The Basic Jump Starter

The GB40 is NOCO’s basic product for jump starting your vehicle. This handy toolfits into any trunk where it holds a reasonable charge. In fact, this particular model can jump start up to 20 vehicles before it requires another charging session.

The manufacturer is constantly working to improve battery longevity with its lithium technology built into every product. When you need a simple power resource, the GB40 is a great addition to your fleet.

Convenient Device Power

NOCO’s products aren’t just for jump starting your vehicle either. There’s a convenient USB port that can support all of your mobile devices. Consider a battery charge for these units, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Headphones
  • Photography equipment

If a device has a USB-charging port, it can probably be powered by NOCO’s products.

Battery Storage

You might store devices or rechargeable batteries for a few weeks or months. Regardless of the ambient temperatureor other environmental conditions, batteries will ultimately discharge over time. A charge isn’t infinite. In fact, sulfation might occur during this storage period that permanently mars the battery’s efficacy.

NOCO’s products make it possible to store batteries with only minimal maintenance. Pull those batteries out on a frequent basis and charge them with NOCO’s devices. The patented safety technology reduces any fumes or heat that might be generated by the process.

The Recharging Question

As Battery Universitypoints out, lead-acid batteries go through several stages of protected charging before they level out. If you store your batteries, you might wonder about recharging them when they’re only partially discharged.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much battery charge is on a particular unit. It’s always better to recharge it if it hasn’t been recently used. A discharge down to 80 percent is considered low. Recharge the battery with NOCO’s products to improve longevity.

Fast-Charging Alternative

If you have several vehicles with high-volume liters and diesel engines, one of them is bound to have a bad battery at some point. Reduce downtime with the fast-charging feature found on these NOCO models, such as:

  • GB70
  • GB150

Their operation is simple. Attach the lithium jump starter to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Allow it to charge for only 15 minutes.

Disconnect the device, attach it to your vehicle’s battery and an instant jump start is the result. Waiting around isn’t part of your day anymore.

Discussing Power Options With NEB

Northeast Battery stocks only the very best in battery technology. If you’re unsure of the best device for your application, discuss the details with our team. There’s always a solution that can reduce costs and improve productivity. NOCO’s products and our expertise give you viable options.

Ask Northeast Battery¬†about power resources today. We’re proud to work with NOCO and other brands to extend the life of your batteries. Keep your devices and vehicles powered up with no end in sight. Our experts can help you out every day.