The Best Ways to Preserve Your Vintage Harley Davidson

If you’re a motorcycle fan, a Harley is usually your go-to bike. They’ve been in business for many decades, and their popularity continues to soar. Preserving your vintage bike should be a top priority. Consider these top tips for your Harley Davidson bike so that it roars to life with each passing day.

Choose Enough Power for the Accessories

A primary concern among biking enthusiasts is lack of power. Your bike may be a vintage variety, but it has a lot of additional accessories. For optimal performance, choose a battery with a high CCA or cold-cranking amps value. It can still support the vintage components while powering up GPS or radio devices.

Consider Aging Components

Choose only the best motorcycle batteries for your vintage ride because aging components will draw extra power.

Older parts include these items, such as:

  • Wiring
  • Starter
  • Alternator

A battery with a high CCA value will serve those components with the power that they demand. Hesitant startups are a thing of the past.

Your components will continue to last, but they simply need the battery power to keep up with ignition actions.

Understand Pricing Versus Quality

When you want to preserve your vintage Harley, paying a bit more for a power sports battery is necessary. A more expensive battery will have enhanced quality. The power output will serve the bike’s demands.

Other benefits of a pricier battery can include these features, such as:

  • Longer lasting battery overall
  • Saving money on buying multiple, cheaper batteries

Simply look for the CCA value to guide your purchasing decision.

Select Maintenance-Free Products

The best motorcycle batteries won’t leak or spill as you maneuver your bike across the terrain. Look for maintenance-free batteries that use gel designs. AGM or absorbed-glass mat batteries define this sector.

Install the battery in almost any orientation on the bike, and it’ll operate within its specifications. The gel remains stuck in place as the energy moves through the terminals.

Try Fully Charged Batteries

Preserve your vintage ride with specialized types of batteries. Fully charged products ship direct to customers with no charging necessary. Many riders appreciate this ease so that they can install the battery and hit the road.

They’re also useful if you want to immediately store a bike. It’s possible to add a fully charged battery to a bike and store it for a short time without any damage to the system.

Remember Storage Rules

One strategy for Harley Davidson preservation is by storing the bike during the off-season. If you’re storing the bike for only a short period of time, the battery can remain on the Harley. Think about pulling the battery from the bike if you’re planning on long-term storage.

Use a trickle charger for the battery so that it maintains its charge. The charger controls the power input so that it’s safely held over time. It should be ready to install when you’re ready to hit the open road.

Think About Versatility

If you own both motorcycles ATVs, think about a battery that can work for both types of vehicles. You preserve your Harley, but can still use the power source for off-road excitement.

Northeast Battery can point you toward a product that works as a motorcycle and ATV battery. Some products are different than others, so we’ll show you our stock. An improper battery won’t give you the same performance as the right design.

Contact Northeast Battery with your questions about Harley batteries and more. Our team can pick out the right product for your needs. Every rider is different. Feel the power between your knees as the Harley engine takes you across the countryside and beyond.