5 Reasons to Use a Trickle Charger This Winter

Winter’s cold affects a lot more than just your fingers and toes. Every battery deals with sub-zero cold by discharging at a rapid rate. This scenario can spell disaster for some batteries that are on their last legs. Discover the simple way to prolong your battery’s lifespan with a trickle charger. These devices provide safe and reliable power to your battery so that it can greet springtime with a healthy energy level.

1. No More Unexpected Delays

The main reason why you need a trickle charger for charging car batteries is convenience. The temperatures are dropping outside, and you need to run out to grab something. Dealing with a dead car battery isn’t on your to-do list that day. By placing the battery on a trickling device, it’s always ready to go. Vehicles turn on without hesitation. Whether the battery has been charging for a few days or months, it’ll have the necessary power to get you going.

2. Saves Money

Car batteries are expensive. Some of them may cost $100 or more, depending on the model and power output. Trickle charging a battery saves you money. Batteries thrive on a steady stream of electricity. Allowing a battery to fully discharge over the winter months will cut its lifespan down by a significant amount. In fact, it may not make it to spring without a trickle charge in place.

Prolong the battery’s life with trickle technology. The device brings the charge up to the proper level and keeps it there. You’ll end up replacing the battery far into the future as a result.

3. Replaces the Alternatives

A trickle charge on your battery prevents any need for other solutions to winter maintenance. Without a proper charger, some people opt for battery blankets, states Napa Online. Wrapping the battery up is certainly a solution, but it’s not as convenient as a trickle charging device.

You pay for one charger, and your winter dilemma is solved. No one has to go as far as heating a garage 24 hours a day to simply keep the battery at a steady temperature. A charger purchase will always be less expensive than turning to the alternatives in battery maintenance.

4. Safe and Effective Charging

Today’s chargers are complete with advanced technology. When it comes to trickle devices, there are two main designs, including:

  • Dumb
  • Smart

If you need a low-cost solution, the dumb or traditional models will suffice. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll have to watch this charging session with a close eye. The charger continues to provide power regardless of the length of time on the battery, which is similar to a regular charger.

One of the best types of trickle chargers is the smart variety. They offer several modes that provide a uniform charge and float the charge level at the very end. A safe charging session is possible with smart units that are left for days at a time on your battery.

5. Easy to Use

The last reason to consider is simplicity. Today’s chargers aren’t as complex as in years past. Most devices require a connection to ground. Keep in mind that ground cannot be the negative terminal on your battery, reports Cars Direct. Fire hazards arise with this choice.

Alternatively, look for a clean part of the vehicle’s chassis to connect the trickle charger to ground. Sparking, arcing or shorts cannot happen with this basic ground. You’re free to use the device as designed.

Because today’s chargers are so simple to set up, it makes sense to buy one and use it throughout each winter. It pays for itself over the cold seasons.

Give Northeast Battery a call today. We have the tools and know-how to help you defeat winter’s cold. Learn the power of trickle energy so that your battery continues to thrive into the warmer months.

The 3 Top Golf Cart Brands of 2020

When you’re in the market for a brand-new or used golfing cart, the decision-making process is just as intense as buying a car. There are features and reviews to consider. The brand itself is also a critical part of the entire scenario too. Explore Northeast Battery’s top 3 golf cart brands of 2020. These trusted names will give you the ride of a lifetime.


This brand is synonymous with the term “quality golf cart” because E-Z-Go has always put safety first. In fact, golf carts from this manufacturer were snapped up by Textron in a clever buyout years ago. With the vehicle technology found in both of these brands, you can only dream of a better vehicle for the golf course or a gated community.

The safety that’s built into these carts is based on automatic braking. Although these vehicles are designed to be driven on level terrain, there’s an inevitable hill that might be encountered during your outdoor adventures. There’s no worry about runaway carts because E-Z-Go applies the parking brake whenever the vehicle stops. This feature alone is often the selling point that drives this brand’s sales.

E-Z-Go even has an elite collection of vehicles that have premium lithium batteries. With the best technology available today, your cart can make the rounds throughout the day without losing any time to midday charging. Keep in mind that all E-Z-Go vehicles come with quality batteries, but the elite group has the most advanced power system of the bunch.


Of all the top golf cart brands around, Yamaha is a name that’s known the world over. You might know it for its applications among musical instruments or motorcycles. The secret to this brand’s success is found in its engines.

In fact, Yamaha golf carts have four engine types to serve your needs, such as:

  • Gas-powered electronic fuel injection
  • Gas-powered carburetor
  • AC-motor power
  • DC-motor power

Yamaha gives you plenty of options for power sources because your application will be unique. Some people simply prefer the power found with gas-powered vehicles, but fueling up will take extra funds.

Northeast Battery usually suggests the battery-powered vehicles. In most cases, the batteries last the entire day. Charge them up overnight for a full day of use tomorrow.

Storing the vehicle and batteries is possible with trickle-charging solutions. By keeping a trickle charger on the battery throughout the winter, for example, the vehicle can start right back up in the spring without a hitch.

Yamaha offers top-quality carts to huge organizations, including the PGA. They cannot skimp on quality here, so choosing this brand is just like a professional’s selection in the PGA field.

Club Car

When you want to customize one of the top golf cart brands, turn to the Club Car. This brand has been around since the 1960s and for good reason. The manufacturer understands what consumers want when it comes to vehicle options.

Choose from these features and many more, including:

  • Under-seat storage compartments
  • Attractive wheels
  • Unique body colors

Club Car is one of the most recognizable golf cart brands around. Because they’re versatile in terms of styling and design, the carts can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

This brand comes with quality batteries that can be discharged and powered up multiple times. NEB can help you with troubleshooting or replacements as the batteries age. Club Car makes battery access easy so that you can get your vehicle back up to speed. This brand thrives on reliability from every angle.

Keep your cart flying down cart path with accessories from Northeast Battery. Contact us today for a golf-cart battery quote and clever tips on maintenance. The road is yours to master with a reliable battery and solid brand underneath you.


The 3 Top Lawnmower Brands of 2020

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, and the grass is about to jump into action. Be prepared for those landscaping tasks with a mower that can handle the job. Explore Northeast Battery’s top brands 2020 for lawn-mowing success. These designs will protect your lawn while making the task easier with each session.

1. Worx

NEB particularly likes lawnmower brands that put the latest battery technology into their products. Worx offers electric cordless mowers for a reasonable price while adding nearly every feature of the premium models. Browse through their large collection of lawnmowers to match a model to your landscaping needs.

The WG719 13 amp caster wheeled model has these highlights, such as:

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Mulching, bagging and discharging options
  • Collapsible handle

Worx combines a simple design with a powerhouse reaction on the contours of your property. With mowers that weigh around 50 to 60 pounds, these models are relatively light compared to their gas powered relatives. Keep this fact in mind if you want to have a mower that’s easy to use for everyone in the family. Older children may want to push these mowers around to help the family out on busy weekends.

Don’t worry about tough terrains with Worx mowers either. They may be battery-powered units, but they hold their own over lawns with a few bumpy areas. The grass ends up looking even and healthy with each pass.

2. Honda

The beauty of Honda lawnmowers is hidden in their cores. Honda excels at engine innovations, which means that your mower can take on the toughest lawns without breaking a sweat. Honda offers several model categories for their collection, from budget friendly to commercial applications.

For a middle-of-the road lawnmower, look for the HRX217K5VKA model. It’s part of Honda’s gas mowers collection with a reasonable price tag. Aside from the reliable engine, this model boasts many other features, such as:

  • Mulching and shredding capabilities
  • Effective on wet or dry grass
  • Long-lasting components with included warranty

The top brands 2020 usually have a few unique highlights for their models, and Honda is no exception. These mowers have twin-blade technology. In fact, the mower actually slices the grass in two distinct motions so that the lawn is always uniform. The cutting action also contributes to the mower’s mulching power when grass and leaves build up in the storage bag.

From cruise control to self-propelled options, Honda has many models that can fit your landscaping demands. Simply browse through their collection because every model has advantages that pay off for the lawn’s health.

3. Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt is one of the top lawnmower brands because of its longevity and unique contributions to the industry. The manufacturer doesn’t just advertise the standard, walk behind mowers. They have mowers for the smallest and largest lawns, so shopping through their collection is imperative.

Enjoy the ease of using a self propelled lawn mower from Troy-Bilt. Give it a bit of guidance, and the mower continues forward with a controlled pace. Each mower comes with a high-quality motor that may or may not need an oil change during its lifetime. Troy-Bilt has this “no oil change” design built into certain models. If it appeals to your application, be sure to verify the model before purchasing it.

Step up your mowing game with a riding lawnmower. It’s built like a true vehicle, so pay attention to battery maintenance and engine care. These Troy-Bilt models are meant for huge lawns, such as ranch properties or commercial applications. This manufacturer thrives on many mower offerings so that your grass is always neat and tidy.

Get in touch with Northeast Battery today. Our team can cover battery science and how it applies to your mower. Trimming the lawn has never been so easy with power and cutting technology that lasts.


3 Smoke Detector Brands You Can Rely On This Year

Pick up a smoke detector in almost any store today. They’re sold everywhere and under several brand names. Are you selecting the right brand for your family’s protection? This question comes up with each purchase, and it’s an important one too. Rely on Northeast Battery to give you a primer on the top 3 detector brands that you can rely on today. Key features make them stand out from the pack.

1. Kidde

One of the most trusted brands in the fire safety world is Kidde. They’re known for their easy-to-install units because many of them are battery operated. Wiring the detector into your electrical system isn’t necessary with Kidde. Many of their models also come with dual uses, which include fire and carbon-monoxide detection.

Your home will never have a smoke detector that’s out of operation because each Kidde product comes with the traditional chirping mode. A low battery causes the unit to chirp at a certain frequency. It won’t stop this function until new batteries are properly installed. This alert is one of the most noticeable types so that dead detectors aren’t part of your property.

One of the top brands 2020 includes the Kidde model with a 10-year battery. If you have a handful of detectors spread out across your property, replacing batteries twice a year is costly. However, installing alarms in their proper locations is key to safety, reports Kidde. Find your cost-saving solution with an alarm that lasts for 10 years without a battery swap.

2. First Alert

The top brands 2020 also includes First Alert, which has a variety of models to fit your lifestyle. Cover both fire and smoke with the hardwired model featuring photoelectric and ionization sensors. It also has a battery backup so that no power issues compromise everyday fire safety.

Most models require a 9V battery for either daily operation or backup reassurance. First Alert gives you a basic option with its simple model, which requires AA batteries as an alternative. For many households, AA batteries are in plentiful supply. First Alert realizes this fact, so the manufacturer offers this model as a budget-friendly choice for all households.

Keep in mind that most First Alert smoke detectors don’t have smart capabilities. They’re designed as solid products with loud sirens. Think of their products as traditional alarms. No one will sleep through these sirens that can blast at more than 60 decibels. The price is right too, which means you can locate several alarms throughout the household without worrying about cost.

3. Nest

When you’re upgrading to a smart home, Nest is a brand that continues to thrill consumers. Their units come with both hardwired and battery operated features, which gives you versatility during installation and daily use. Connect with the detector through your smartphone or tablet too. You can be home or away from the property, and you still receive alerts about potential issues.

Trusted brands like Nest will make it easier for you to understand its functions with just a glance at the unit. Simple LED colors and flashing will tell you exactly what is going on with the surrounding air mass. Pulling out the Nest manual may be a rare occasion.

A unique function to this model is its communication about smoke locations. Add two or more Nest detectors to the home, for example. If smoke occurs at one unit, the other detectors literally tell you where the hazard resides. In an emergency, this information is crucial to safe passage across the property and notifying first responders.

For any questions about batteries and smoke detectors, contact Northeast Battery today! We can go over the latest models and features that make your home or business safe. Discover a higher level of safety with the best brands installed today.