The 3 Top Golf Cart Brands of 2020

When you’re in the market for a brand-new or used golfing cart, the decision-making process is just as intense as buying a car. There are features and reviews to consider. The brand itself is also a critical part of the entire scenario too. Explore Northeast Battery’s top 3 golf cart brands of 2020. These trusted names will give you the ride of a lifetime.


This brand is synonymous with the term “quality golf cart” because E-Z-Go has always put safety first. In fact, golf carts from this manufacturer were snapped up by Textron in a clever buyout years ago. With the vehicle technology found in both of these brands, you can only dream of a better vehicle for the golf course or a gated community.

The safety that’s built into these carts is based on automatic braking. Although these vehicles are designed to be driven on level terrain, there’s an inevitable hill that might be encountered during your outdoor adventures. There’s no worry about runaway carts because E-Z-Go applies the parking brake whenever the vehicle stops. This feature alone is often the selling point that drives this brand’s sales.

E-Z-Go even has an elite collection of vehicles that have premium lithium batteries. With the best technology available today, your cart can make the rounds throughout the day without losing any time to midday charging. Keep in mind that all E-Z-Go vehicles come with quality batteries, but the elite group has the most advanced power system of the bunch.


Of all the top golf cart brands around, Yamaha is a name that’s known the world over. You might know it for its applications among musical instruments or motorcycles. The secret to this brand’s success is found in its engines.

In fact, Yamaha golf carts have four engine types to serve your needs, such as:

  • Gas-powered electronic fuel injection
  • Gas-powered carburetor
  • AC-motor power
  • DC-motor power

Yamaha gives you plenty of options for power sources because your application will be unique. Some people simply prefer the power found with gas-powered vehicles, but fueling up will take extra funds.

Northeast Battery usually suggests the battery-powered vehicles. In most cases, the batteries last the entire day. Charge them up overnight for a full day of use tomorrow.

Storing the vehicle and batteries is possible with trickle-charging solutions. By keeping a trickle charger on the battery throughout the winter, for example, the vehicle can start right back up in the spring without a hitch.

Yamaha offers top-quality carts to huge organizations, including the PGA. They cannot skimp on quality here, so choosing this brand is just like a professional’s selection in the PGA field.

Club Car

When you want to customize one of the top golf cart brands, turn to the Club Car. This brand has been around since the 1960s and for good reason. The manufacturer understands what consumers want when it comes to vehicle options.

Choose from these features and many more, including:

  • Under-seat storage compartments
  • Attractive wheels
  • Unique body colors

Club Car is one of the most recognizable golf cart brands around. Because they’re versatile in terms of styling and design, the carts can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

This brand comes with quality batteries that can be discharged and powered up multiple times. NEB can help you with troubleshooting or replacements as the batteries age. Club Car makes battery access easy so that you can get your vehicle back up to speed. This brand thrives on reliability from every angle.

Keep your cart flying down cart path with accessories from Northeast Battery. Contact us today for a golf-cart battery quote and clever tips on maintenance. The road is yours to master with a reliable battery and solid brand underneath you.