The 3 Top Lawnmower Brands of 2020

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, and the grass is about to jump into action. Be prepared for those landscaping tasks with a mower that can handle the job. Explore Northeast Battery’s top brands 2020 for lawn-mowing success. These designs will protect your lawn while making the task easier with each session.

1. Worx

NEB particularly likes lawnmower brands that put the latest battery technology into their products. Worx offers electric cordless mowers for a reasonable price while adding nearly every feature of the premium models. Browse through their large collection of lawnmowers to match a model to your landscaping needs.

The WG719 13 amp caster wheeled model has these highlights, such as:

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Mulching, bagging and discharging options
  • Collapsible handle

Worx combines a simple design with a powerhouse reaction on the contours of your property. With mowers that weigh around 50 to 60 pounds, these models are relatively light compared to their gas powered relatives. Keep this fact in mind if you want to have a mower that’s easy to use for everyone in the family. Older children may want to push these mowers around to help the family out on busy weekends.

Don’t worry about tough terrains with Worx mowers either. They may be battery-powered units, but they hold their own over lawns with a few bumpy areas. The grass ends up looking even and healthy with each pass.

2. Honda

The beauty of Honda lawnmowers is hidden in their cores. Honda excels at engine innovations, which means that your mower can take on the toughest lawns without breaking a sweat. Honda offers several model categories for their collection, from budget friendly to commercial applications.

For a middle-of-the road lawnmower, look for the HRX217K5VKA model. It’s part of Honda’s gas mowers collection with a reasonable price tag. Aside from the reliable engine, this model boasts many other features, such as:

  • Mulching and shredding capabilities
  • Effective on wet or dry grass
  • Long-lasting components with included warranty

The top brands 2020 usually have a few unique highlights for their models, and Honda is no exception. These mowers have twin-blade technology. In fact, the mower actually slices the grass in two distinct motions so that the lawn is always uniform. The cutting action also contributes to the mower’s mulching power when grass and leaves build up in the storage bag.

From cruise control to self-propelled options, Honda has many models that can fit your landscaping demands. Simply browse through their collection because every model has advantages that pay off for the lawn’s health.

3. Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt is one of the top lawnmower brands because of its longevity and unique contributions to the industry. The manufacturer doesn’t just advertise the standard, walk behind mowers. They have mowers for the smallest and largest lawns, so shopping through their collection is imperative.

Enjoy the ease of using a self propelled lawn mower from Troy-Bilt. Give it a bit of guidance, and the mower continues forward with a controlled pace. Each mower comes with a high-quality motor that may or may not need an oil change during its lifetime. Troy-Bilt has this “no oil change” design built into certain models. If it appeals to your application, be sure to verify the model before purchasing it.

Step up your mowing game with a riding lawnmower. It’s built like a true vehicle, so pay attention to battery maintenance and engine care. These Troy-Bilt models are meant for huge lawns, such as ranch properties or commercial applications. This manufacturer thrives on many mower offerings so that your grass is always neat and tidy.

Get in touch with Northeast Battery today. Our team can cover battery science and how it applies to your mower. Trimming the lawn has never been so easy with power and cutting technology that lasts.