5 Reasons to Use a Trickle Charger This Winter

Winter’s cold affects a lot more than just your fingers and toes. Every battery deals with sub-zero cold by discharging at a rapid rate. This scenario can spell disaster for some batteries that are on their last legs. Discover the simple way to prolong your battery’s lifespan with a trickle charger. These devices provide safe and reliable power to your battery so that it can greet springtime with a healthy energy level.

1. No More Unexpected Delays

The main reason why you need a trickle charger for charging car batteries is convenience. The temperatures are dropping outside, and you need to run out to grab something. Dealing with a dead car battery isn’t on your to-do list that day. By placing the battery on a trickling device, it’s always ready to go. Vehicles turn on without hesitation. Whether the battery has been charging for a few days or months, it’ll have the necessary power to get you going.

2. Saves Money

Car batteries are expensive. Some of them may cost $100 or more, depending on the model and power output. Trickle charging a battery saves you money. Batteries thrive on a steady stream of electricity. Allowing a battery to fully discharge over the winter months will cut its lifespan down by a significant amount. In fact, it may not make it to spring without a trickle charge in place.

Prolong the battery’s life with trickle technology. The device brings the charge up to the proper level and keeps it there. You’ll end up replacing the battery far into the future as a result.

3. Replaces the Alternatives

A trickle charge on your battery prevents any need for other solutions to winter maintenance. Without a proper charger, some people opt for battery blankets, states Napa Online. Wrapping the battery up is certainly a solution, but it’s not as convenient as a trickle charging device.

You pay for one charger, and your winter dilemma is solved. No one has to go as far as heating a garage 24 hours a day to simply keep the battery at a steady temperature. A charger purchase will always be less expensive than turning to the alternatives in battery maintenance.

4. Safe and Effective Charging

Today’s chargers are complete with advanced technology. When it comes to trickle devices, there are two main designs, including:

  • Dumb
  • Smart

If you need a low-cost solution, the dumb or traditional models will suffice. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll have to watch this charging session with a close eye. The charger continues to provide power regardless of the length of time on the battery, which is similar to a regular charger.

One of the best types of trickle chargers is the smart variety. They offer several modes that provide a uniform charge and float the charge level at the very end. A safe charging session is possible with smart units that are left for days at a time on your battery.

5. Easy to Use

The last reason to consider is simplicity. Today’s chargers aren’t as complex as in years past. Most devices require a connection to ground. Keep in mind that ground cannot be the negative terminal on your battery, reports Cars Direct. Fire hazards arise with this choice.

Alternatively, look for a clean part of the vehicle’s chassis to connect the trickle charger to ground. Sparking, arcing or shorts cannot happen with this basic ground. You’re free to use the device as designed.

Because today’s chargers are so simple to set up, it makes sense to buy one and use it throughout each winter. It pays for itself over the cold seasons.

Give Northeast Battery a call today. We have the tools and know-how to help you defeat winter’s cold. Learn the power of trickle energy so that your battery continues to thrive into the warmer months.