America Recycles Day is Thursday, November 15th!

Does it matter if I recycle?

So many of us have asked ourselves this question. We’re just one household, right? But if we all take that mentality, where does that leave us as a global community?

Climate change, and the state of our collective carbon footprint, should be top of mind for us all, especially now in this political climate. Thursday, November 15th is America Recycles Day (a part of National Recycle Week), reminding us all that it does indeed matter if we recycle.

Check out these benefits of recycling from the EPA:

  • EPA estimates that cutting back waste generation to a level consistent with 1990 could reduce GHG emissions by 11.6 million metric tons of carbon equivalent (MMTCE)
  • Increasing our national recycling rate from its current level of 28% to 35% would reduce GHG emissions by 9.8 MMTCE, compared to landfilling the same material
  • Together, these levels of waste prevention and recycling would slash emissions by more than 21.4 MMTCE–an amount equal to the average annual emissions from the electricity consumption of roughly 11 million households

As a battery distributor, we take recycling batteries seriously.

State governments keep a close watch – and have strict regulations – when it comes to disposing lead acid batteries. We keep seeing more and more that the disposal of lead-acid batteries with municipal solid waste is becoming banned. Government regulations deem spent batteries as hazardous waste unless they are properly reclaimed at a secondary lead smelter or battery recycler. So, it’s important to know what to do if you have lead batteries that need to go. We can help.

As a service to our customers, Northeast Battery offers documented pickup and removal of spent lead-acid batteries sold or distributed by our company and our representatives.

If you have batteries you need recycled, let our customer service team know.

This week, don’t forget that doing something small – recycling batteries, eliminating plastic water bottles from your lifestyle – can make a huge impact in the years to come, for all of us.

WHO: Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative
WHAT: America Recycles Day – highlight of National Recycle Week
WHEN: November 15th