Your Battery Dealer in Massachusetts (and Beyond!)

Northeast Battery is your source for high-quality batteries in Boston. In fact, we serve this region with pride as your power needs grow and diversify in the 21st century. Explore every feature of our business as we keep you and your customers thriving in complex, competitive industries.

Batteries to Suit Every Need

NEB stocks several top brands of batteries in Boston, including:

  • Trojan
  • Full River
  • Odyssey

We’re also proud to take on multiple applications with our replacement battery stock. Marine, lawn, automotive and countless other applications can benefit from our battery inventory. NEB strives to be your single source for battery distribution and services.

Visit our site on a frequent basis to see the inventory grow over time. There’s always a new product that can thrill your customers and drive sales.

Your Questions Answered

Getting the most out of your lithium ion batteries is our goal at NEB. Whether you call, email or chat with us online, we’ll get your questions answered. Verify a battery’s voltage level or discuss safe charging techniques. Your battery dealer in Massachusetts wants you to get the most out of your power sources.

Pass this information on to your customers. When you’re knowledgeable about your stock, we’ve achieved our goal of optimal customer service.

Field Experience

If there’s no time to drive into a battery dealer Boston, NEB supports you with field services. Our sales team loves to see your applications and hear those questions. Contact us today for an on-site meeting.

Deliveries are always available from our various stores as well. Those bulk orders can reach your store in little time with our drivers handling your needs. These services come with a smile and knowledgeable staff members every time.

Multiple Locations

If you’re shopping for batteries in Massachusetts, look no further than our multiple locations. We serve this great state out of our corporate headquarters in Auburn, MA. Look for us elsewhere when you’re on the move, including:

  • New York state
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Pittsburgh, PA

Every store carries several different types of batteries, which means you can fulfill your stocking needs in a hurry. Whether you have a rush order or not, every request is completed in record time.

Services Within Each Store

As an attentive battery dealer in Massachusetts, NEB also offers in-house services. Bring your battery in for a checkup. Every problem has a solution as our team carefully combs over your battery dilemma. From bad cells to loose terminals, our battery services cover products from top to bottom.

Every store has extensive hours to meet your busy needs. Drop on by for a quick look at your battery so that you can have a productive day afterward.

Quality Distribution Strategies

If you’ve encountered issues with battery distribution in the past, NEB is a refreshing change. We’re constantly rotating our stock so that you only receive the freshest batteries in Massachusetts. Old and drained batteries won’t be your experience with our stock. Our team verifies battery lifespans and quality well before any shipments are made. Trust in our power sources to keep your customers satisfied.

Knowledgeable Team

As your established battery dealer Boston, our team collectively has decades of knowledge to share with your staff. The basic science behind automotive batteries and accessories hasn’t changed, but the technology continues to improve.

Ask us about these common subjects in the industry, such as:

  • Battery memory
  • Corrosion concerns
  • Care and maintenance

NEB always keeps up with the latest news in the battery world. If there’s an improvement that will help your business, our team can go over the specifics and positively impact your bottom line.

Get in touch with Northeast Battery today! We stock all kinds of batteries that are bound to fit your customers’ needs. Trust in bulk orders or specialty requests because we can fulfill both types with ease. Power is always a battery connection away with Northeast Battery as your partner.