Brand Spotlight: Why You Need to Know ULTRAPOWER

Shelf after shelf of black batteries with various logos is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Knowing which battery to pick without a fuss is a pipe dream to many folks. Give yourself a break by focusing your attention on the ULTRAPOWER, a powerful battery brand exclusively available at Northeast Battery.

Working With Traditional Power

Flooded batteries date back to the 1800s when they were first experimented with by the French, reports the National Association for Amateur Radio. ULTRAPOWER batteries are certainly more updated than the 1800s. In fact, our team has improved upon the traditional, flooded battery for today’s demanding applications.

There’s vibration protection for those volatile applications, including industrial needs. We try to make the battery as maintenance free as possible too. Anti-corrosion terminals are standard.

We don’t overlook the importance of the battery’s housing design either. Regardless of the weather, the battery has a robust construction to fight off both cold and heat. NEB’s brand keeps on powering up through the toughest conditions.

Solving Battery Failures

Dead batteries are a frustration in life that you’d like to avoid. NEB solves this issue with our ULTRAPOWER battery with MIXTECH technology. With reliability that you can count on, the Ultrapower + PLUS battery has a 360-degree, acid-mixing technology that prevents premature failures.

Acid stratification is everyone’s enemy when it comes to battery corrosion and surprise outages. Our in-house brand takes on acid problems with electrolytes that constantly circulate. This movement reduces battery decline on an internal level.

Ask our team about MIXTECH technology. We’ll point you toward your battery replacement. You’ll never look back with this reliability that’s nearly two times as better as the leading name-brand battery.

Going Deeper

How Stuff Works reminds everyone that deep-cycle batteries are definitely different products in the marketplace. Power up your golf cart or RV with a deep-cycle battery, but don’t slide it into your commuting car.

NEB is proud to sell our ULTRAPOWER brand of deep-cycle batteries. We’ve refined the cycling process so that you get optimal power with dozens of charging periods in the meantime. Ultrapower is our commitment to your application; unreliable power means lost time and money.

From standard to high-reserve batteries, NEB has the inventory you need. Ask our team about the right battery for your application. There’s a technology for that!

Functioning on a Modern Level

We don’t recommend running a deep-cycle battery upside down, but you could technically perform this feat with an AGM or absorbent glass mat battery. Step up to another level when you need a more modern alternative to the deep-cycle battery. AGM technology uses embedded glass fibers within mat constructions, which means that battery spills aren’t part of this product’s features.

You gain the same functionality as traditional, deep-cycle batteries but with a distinct, internal design. If you’re not sure about the right AGM battery for your application, NEB has the answers for you. Heavy vibration and long hours are no match for our long-lasting battery.

Batteries From the Battery Experts

As one of the largest distributors of heavy-duty batteries, NEB shines as power experts. Ask us about those specialized applications. There’s probably an ULTRAPOWER battery for that need.

We service countless industries, such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Repair shops
  • Production lines
  • Vehicle fleets

Today’s battery technology is more advanced than ever before. Powering up that marine vessel is a breeze with our battery stock. No details go overlooked.

Visit any of our multiple locations, give us a call or browse online. NEB is your partner in mobile power. We’ll take the confusion out of your query. It only takes a short conversation to find your simple answer.

Speak with our representatives at Northeast Battery today. Whether you’re outfitting your boat or wheelchair, every contraption needs reliable power. ULTRAPOWER batteries can get you there and back again. Our brand continues to be improved every day.