Golf Cart Etiquette Everyone Should Know

It’s summertime and everyone is headed to one of two places: the beach of the golf course. Whether you are going to the course, the beach, or just to the neighborhood pool, golf carts are the luxury transportation of choice. Before you jump into the cart, make sure you understand the etiquette required to be a good golf cart driver, whether you’re on or off the golf course.

Here are our top 4 basic golf cart rules and standards:

  1. Golf carts are not four wheelers. Stay out of the mud and stick to the roads and sidewalks. Off roading like you’re part of the X-Games will only result in injury to you and your golf cart.
  2. Stay away from high water areas. Just because you can drive your car through a slightly flooded roadway after a heavy rain doesn’t mean your golf cart will make it too. Anything more than a general puddle should be avoided.
  3. Follow the rules of the road. Just like any other vehicle you must obey the law while driving your golf cart. While you don’t have to be a licensed driver, most cities require any golf cart driver to be at least 14 years of age.
  4. Stay on the cart path unless otherwise posted. Consistent use of golf carts on the turf can do serious damage over time. There will be occasions where courses will allow carts on the grass but only at a 90 degree angle or between certain holes. So unless you see a sign posted that allows carts on the grass, keep it on the pathway to preserve the course for future golfers.

It’s also a good idea to be thoughtful to the other cart drivers around you by following these basic rules of etiquette:

  • Pay attention to golfers who may not be using a golf cart. Just like when you are in your car, pedestrians (walkers on the course) have the right of way.
  • When stopped at a hole, pull the cart over to the side of the cart path to make room for other cart drivers who may need to get around you.
  • When you have finished at a hole, move on to the next one before marking your scorecard. This allows anyone waiting on the hole to start playing instead of having to wait even longer for you to finish.
  • If you need to back up for any reason, make sure you look behind you instead of just assuming there is no one there. This is definitely not the time for bumper cars.
  • Don’t take your cart inside hazard boundary lines. These areas can easily be damaged by the cart wheels so it’s best just to avoid it unless you are on a clearly marked pathway.

Carting around the neighborhood:

  • Just because golf carts don’t go very fast doesn’t mean that you can’t get hurt or even hurt others. Safety is important, so use common sense!
  • If you are driving on the sidewalk make sure to watch out for kids. Especially if you’re out during the day, since schools are out. Take turns, make room, and stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t let children go out driving alone. This should be a no brainer, but unfortunately there have been many serious accidents that have caused this to become a rule that bears repeating. Supervising kids while they use the golf cart doesn’t just keep them safe, it also keeps your neighbors happy.
  • Maintain your golf cart. Nothing spoils a fun summer afternoon than being stranded with a broken down cart.

Having a golf cart at your disposal is a fun and convenient way to get around. However, not following the rules of etiquette when driving this fun vehicle can certainly ruin someone else’s day or even end in an accident. Simply following these tips and tricks can ensure your day on the cart is the best one possible.