Lithium-Iron Phosphate Power: All You Need to Know for RV Applications

Numerous industries wouldn’t be here today without the power of the lithium-ion battery. From cars to golf carts, these innovations require mobile power in the form of batteries.

RELiON is a battery company that strives for the best technology in the business. With their lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, this company is poised to change the face of several industries at once, including the RV or recreational-vehicle realm. You might be familiar with lithium-ion innovations, but LiFePO4 batteries are different. Learn more about RELiON and their RV batteries so that power isn’t an issue in the field.

Lots of power in a small package

If you need more power, a bigger battery is always necessary. This theory used to be the norm for almost any battery type. This statement isn’t true of RELiON batteries, however. These batteries have nearly twice the power with a small housing.

LiFePO4 batteries have these features, such as:

  • Efficient, nano-scale phosphate cathode materials within the housing
  • Holds full-charge voltage for long, time periods

When you have a compact RV, a small battery that lasts for many hours is the goal. RELiON batteries can get you there.

Nominal weight consideration

Riding an RV is a unique experience. It should glide over any terrain. This scenario isn’t possible if you’re hauling around a heavy battery, however. RELiON batteries offer a solution to this problem.

Compare the weight of lead-acid and LiFePO4 batteries, and you’ll feel a stark difference. LiFePO4 batteries can weigh as much as a quarter less than the leading, lead-acid varieties. Small and lightweight batteries equate to a better ride in an RV. Other technologies can’t get around the physical constraints of their battery types.

Safe in the wild

Every battery is a mixture of potentially, volatile materials. They hold combustible chemicals, which ultimately create the necessary reactions for power output in the first place. Compared to other types of lithium-ion batteries, however, the LiFeOP4 battery is incredibly safe.

Iron-phosphate batteries have these enhancements, including:

  • Stable, thermal properties
  • Reinforced housings
  • Tolerant in full-charge scenarios

Taking these batteries out in RVs is a safety-conscious maneuver. Rough-and-tumble conditions won’t be a concern when it comes to battery life and stability. This technology is built with strength in almost any situation.

Rapid charging

One of the key features of the LiFePO4 battery is its rapid charge. The physical construction within the internal cells is based around low resistance. Any electrical charge moving through the battery won’t have a difficult time as it’s absorbed into the material.

Rapid charging means that you won’t be sitting around and waiting for your RV. You’re able to have several adventures with the RV, which makes any day out a thrill a minute.

Extreme cold and moisture concerns

LiFePO4 batteries are rated down to negative 40-degrees Fahrenheit. This low temperature seems like a durable rating, but the battery isn’t immune to issues. Extreme cold below those values creates these problems, such as:

  • Shorter, battery lifespans
  • Reduced life of internal cells

Moisture is also a concern. The manufacturer must create the battery under perfect conditions. Any moisture introduced into the battery will decrease its usefulness in RVs. If a battery in the field has any moisture seeping into it, you’ll be forced to replace it as soon as possible.

A longer ride overall

LiFePO4 batteries have a topping charge that keeps them going over a longer time period than other power sources. Lead-acid batteries succumb to sulfation, which forces the user to charge the battery back up.

Iron-phosphate batteries typically hold their topping charge so that extra time in the RV is possible. It’s possible to see a battery last for hours on end before a charge is necessary. Most enthusiasts would applaud this feature in any battery that they purchase.

It’s tough to¬†beat the technology hidden within these RELiON¬†batteries. Keep those RVs up and running with power that will thrill you from dusk until dawn.