How Much ARE Golf Cart Batteries Anyway?

A battery for your car might average $100, but how does that compare to golf cart batteries? So many factors come into play – lifespan, warranties, quality, chemistry. Learn more about the cost and why it’s set within certain ranges – then there won’t be any surprises down the road as a result.

The Bottom Line

According to Golf Cart Resource, a golf cart battery price can cost up to $1,500+. Why is there such a large gap in pricing? There are several factors that collectively define the final price, such as:

  • Battery type
  • Voltage amount
  • Installation costs

A golf cart battery has a different job than the standard car battery. When you power a golf cart, you’re offering electrical power to every component during an entire ride. Car batteries only activate the engine at first, then the engine takes over.

Although golf cart batteries can be an investment, they often last for five years or longer. Take care of them for the longest life possible.

Multiple-Battery Benefit

You can have eight batteries or more on a given cart, based on its power design. No golf cart will ever have just one battery. Take a look under the hood, and you’ll see a battery package with a series of connections between them. This power design takes advantage of the power within each battery. They act as one unit, which offers reliable power.

It’s possible for one battery to go bad within the pack. You need to choose which solution is best for your budget. Replacing the entire pack at once is pricey, but dividing out the purchases one by one will be even more expensive over time.

Looking at Cycles

When you’re considering cost, look closely at the number of cycles advertised on the battery. High-quality batteries might run for more than 1,000 cycles. This term refers to the amount of times that you can charge and discharge the battery. Be aware that you get what you pay for.

Golf cart batteries with high-capacity cycles will be more expensive. You pay more upfront, but they’ll last longer than less expensive varieties with fewer cycles. Think about your habits with the cart before choosing between batteries. Carts in use every single day will want a high-quality power source.

Opting for Sealed

Sealed batteries are great for your golf cart. These vehicles may not be riding on the freeway, but they do encounter turbulence in the form of vibrations (getting up over curbs, gravely golf paths etc.). Two types of batteries are perfect for these carts, including:

  • AGM
  • Gel

The electrolyte design stays in place so that power is continuous. There’s no topping off of distilled water either. Go drive the cart with a maintenance-free battery. Your only main concern is checking for periodic cracks on the housing if the vibrations are strong enough down the road.

Considering Lithium-Ion Options

The Golf Course Industry cautions consumers about the use of lithium-ion batteries in place of lead-acid, AGM or gel designs. Lithium-ion batteries work well for AA or D batteries, but not for golf carts.

You’ll experience less power with a higher cost. Currently, these batteries aren’t recyclable either. Most experts agree that lithium-ion batteries should be put aside for this application. Traditional, electrolyte-based batteries are still the best choice.

Keeping up a Good Charge

The experts agree that you should be charging your golf cart battery after every vehicle ride. Use the cart throughout the day, and hook it up as you retire indoors. The battery may have several more miles left on its charge, but there’s no reason to run the power source into its deepest levels.

Charging the battery when it’s partially used will help it stay fresh. Batteries will eventually decline in quality because of the materials breaking down within the design. However, but this process is slowed with regular charging.

Power up your knowledge with Northeast Battery. We can answer any questions about golf-cart batteries so that you get the most from your investment dollar. Zip down the road or around a property with a brand-new battery today. Be sure about your purchase with our expert assistance.