Pocket Power: Best Features of Lithium-Ion Battery Boosters

Every device today seems to have a battery. That statement isn’t an exaggeration either. In fact, items that don’t appear to have batteries will hide something within a printed circuit board or other component. Discovering dead batteries, from your laptop to a garaged vehicle, is frustrating. You need to jump start those batteries as soon as possible. The solution is in lithium-ion battery boosters. These pocket-sized devices are the wave of the future. Get to know the best features of these jump starters today.

1. Versatility Among Various Devices

Jump starting a car is the first application that might come to mind when you think about charging or boosting a battery. You normally need another vehicle and jumper cables, however.

A lithium ion booster changes this scenario. You only need the charger. Today’s boosters work with more than just your car battery too.

Fill up the batteries in these devices, including:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Portable speakers

A quality booster will serve most of your battery needs. Simply follow the directions to safely charge one item after another.

2. Microprocessing Power

If you’re a tech-savvy individual, you’ve probably charged items with a variety of strategies. A trickle-charge session may be your specialty, for instance. This scenario isn’t necessary with a battery booster.

Within each booster is a microprocessor. It senses the energy moving through the system along with which device is involved. The component automatically shuts down the system when a full charge is indicated. There’s no more guesswork or safety issues.

As you shop for various boosters, including the NOCO GB40, read about the processing power. It’s one of the most important aspects of this technology.

3. Multiple Jumps on One Charge

The concept of jumping a battery usually equates to just one jolt of power per session. A quality battery booster, however, has more than just one charge in its arsenal. In fact, top manufacturers boast around 20 jump starts for a vehicle on one charge from a lithium ion booster.

You probably won’t jump start a car that often, however. Use the remaining power to charge up smartphones and tablets. Most boosters come with USB connections for easy charging.

4. Anti-Spark Feature

In the past, jump starting a car was slightly dangerous. Attaching the jumper cables to the batteries often came with sparks involved. Today’s boosters take the spark out of the scenario.

The clips that come along with the booster are specialized with anti-spark technology. You’ll still have power to jump a car battery, but without the challenge of potential burns.

5. Safety Features Throughout

Fitting a lot of power into a pocket-sized charger seems like enough features for the average consumer. However, top manufacturers go a step further. Safety features abound in many of the models, including:

  • Strobe lights
  • SOS lights
  • Bright, steady lights for tire changes

Use the booster for nearly any emergency need. With these helpful features, it would make sense to keep one at home and another one in the glove compartment.

6. Clear Charging Indicators

It seems like confusion was the name of the game when charger manufacturers first developed their charging indicators. Vaguely defined dots and bars were supposed to help the consumer know when the battery was ready. Confusion isn’t an issue today, however.

The top boosters on the market today have clear indicators during charging. For example, the housing might have LEDs indicating incremental charging, such as:

  • 25 percent
  • 50 percent
  • 75 percent

A larger LED indicates when you’re at a 100-percent charge. Don’t forget that you can also rely on the internal microprocessor that activates as the charge fills up. Safety reigns within these devices.

Keep up with your battery-and-charger knowledge by reaching out to our Northeast Battery team today. We stock a number of chargers from Lester and boosters from NOCO. If you’ve got a question, we’ve got the answer. Today’s power options are varied and outright fascinating for your busy needs.