Trojan T-105 and T-875: The Only Golf Batteries You Need

As the world leader of engineering deep cycle batteries, Trojan plays an essential role in curating the golf experience.

When new technology evolves, Trojan is there. The Trojan T-105 and T-875 motive batteries are part of the backbone of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries. The T-105 (6V) and T-875 (8V) are perfect for a number of different golf and electric vehicles, ensuring you get superior performance out on the course.

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Get All the Specs: Trojan T-105 Data Sheet


Experience Trojan T2 Technology ™

Trojan’s T2 Technology stands upon three pillars of engineering:

  1. Maximum, consistent performance
  2. Longer lifetime
  3. Increased total energy

T2 gives all Trojan deep-cycle batteries much-needed durability and performance, ideal for golf applications. Because deep-cycle flooded batteries are a cornerstone of Trojan’s product suite, they need to provide more than just great performance. That’s why these batteries deliver consistently outstanding performance.

Golf carts need reliability – its a non-negotiable when it comes to choosing a battery to power your vehicle. T2 Technology provides that reliability, while also delivering that increased total energy.

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