Cold Weather is Here: Winterizing Golf-Cart Batteries

Golf carts zoom about properties across the nation, from gated communities to the actual golf course. They’re perfectly sized for those short trips. As the weather gets colder, however, it’s time to put those small vehicles away. Winterize your golf-cart batteries with help from the experts. It should work like a dream with the right steps in place.

Clean and Neutralize the Battery Terminals

Any debris left on the battery terminals turns into a conductive environment, including dust and corrosion. Create a neutralizer with these ingredients, such as:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 gallon water

Mix these two items together. Apply it to the battery terminals by using a wire brush. Gently clean off the terminals. With a clean bill of health, golf cart batteries won’t have any conductive pathways to discharge during the winter.

In the spring, the battery will be practically ready to go. Corrosion buildup will only cause problems over time.

Check the Water Levels

Golf cart batteries, including models from the Trojan Battery Company, usually have water within their individual cells. Batteries with anything less than a perfect level will break down over the colder months.

Open up each fill section, and top off the level with distilled water. The best golf cart batteries require water to cover the internal plates. Reattach the fill covers afterward. Avoid the temptation of overfilling the battery because this action only dilutes the electrolyte, which leads to a decline in charging power. Never add any acid to the battery either. Its electrolytes are perfectly balanced during the manufacturing process.

Charge the Battery

Don’t hesitate to charge your Trojan golf cart batteries now. They may have a partial charge, but storing them in this manner will only damage their power output later on. Follow the charging instructions for your system at this point.

For the most accurate charge, pull out a hydrometer. Every golf-cart battery should have a specific gravity of 1.265. Use the hydrometer’s probes to verify this value. You’ll know for sure that the charge is perfect for storage.

Find an Indoor Storage Area

The best place to store any golf-cart batteries is by looking for a cool and dry area. It shouldn’t be cold, such as an exposed area to the elements, but cool.

Cool temperatures will slow the battery’s discharge rate. You want a slow discharge so that the battery maintains its charge. In contrast, leaving the battery in a hot area creates rapid discharge. The power may be gone by the time that you check the charging levels. A cool and dry space within a storage area should be sufficient during the winter months.

Keep Checking Them

New golf carts may seem to hold a charge for an astounding amount of time, but the batteries aren’t immune to discharge. Stored batteries still require some attention. Take a hydrometer reading every few weeks. Use a trickle charger in order to give the battery a power source without hindering its storage capacity.

It’s natural for Trojan and Club Car golf cart batteries to slowly lose some charge over the winter months. Keeping up with maintenance will only save you time in the spring.

Avoid Stacking

Every brand, including Trojan golf cart batteries, won’t perform well when they’re stacked. Consider the weight of each battery. Stacking two or three units together will create physical deformities on the bottom battery.

Line multiple batteries up on a shelf where there are no weight issues. As an alternative, some people simply put the battery back into its respective spot on the golf cart itself. If you do store the battery on the cart, be sure that it’s not exposed to vibrations. Unnecessary movements of the battery will cause discharge and poor energy storage in the springtime.

Northeast Battery is your one-stop shop for everything battery related. Ask our team about your applications and winterizing specifics. We’re always available to explain the finest details to your crew. The best way to winterize batteries is with tips from the pros. The golf cart will zip around your property come springtime as a result.