Powering the Cut: How to Select the Right Lawnmower Battery

When you have a relatively large yard, you need an equally efficient lawnmower. Many people invest in a riding mower or similar model to get the job done. That top-of-the-line tool isn’t going to travel too far without the proper lawn mower batteries. Learn all about the details that go into making a garden battery. […]

Five Steps to Take If You Think Your Lawnmower Battery is Dead

Picture your lawn after a week or longer of no mowing. It’s a jungle out there! You hop on your lawnmower, and it’s dead in the water. This frustrating scenario occurs to almost every homeowner at some point in life. Get to know the signs that your lawn tractor battery is dead. The clues will […]

How to Install Lithium Batteries on a Sailboat

Running any power-related device on a sailboat used to require lead-acid batteries. Hauling these heavy batteries around was your only choice. With battery and solar options evolving every day, however, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to power resources. Lithium batteries for a boat is the latest trend. It’s gaining momentum […]

Trojan T-105 and T-875: The Only Golf Batteries You Need

As the world leader of engineering deep cycle batteries, Trojan plays an essential role in curating the golf experience. When new technology evolves, Trojan is there. The Trojan T-105 and T-875 motive batteries are part of the backbone of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries. The T-105 (6V) and T-875 (8V) are perfect for a number of different golf and […]

Upgrading Your Car Battery: Converting a Side-Post to a Top-Post Style

When you lift up the engine hood on your car, you might be in for a surprise. Today’s car batteries are normally identical; a black housing with top posts for power connections are commonplace. However, you may encounter a side-post battery in your car. Explore the steps in converting a side-post battery into a top-post […]

What Exactly are Marine Battery Group Sizes?

Flip any random battery over, and you’ll find many numbers and letters describing that product’s type. As if it wasn’t difficult to decipher between lead-acid and AGM batteries, you may have encountered marine battery group size descriptions. Don’t muddle around in the dark anymore. It’s time to take a hard look at this battery size […]

Top 3 Tips to Make Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

Golf carts are used in a variety of different applications, from providing transportation in a gated community to monitoring security on college campuses. Regardless of its purpose, every cart has the same power needs. You don’t want your cart to end up with lackluster power at the beginning of the day. Take a few tips […]

Summer’s Heat is On: How Do Temperatures Affect Your Car Batteries?

The summer months are here, and the heat is no joke. This is the time of year to hit the open road in your favorite car. The beach, lake or river is calling. Your car’s battery, however, may not agree with your plans. Take a look at how batteries react in hot weather and what […]

The Foolproof Way to Install Your Golf Cart Battery

Your purring golf cart seems to have run out of juice. This vehicle isn’t hitting the links today. Most golf carts run on batteries for all of their power needs. Replacing them is just a part of the cart’s maintenance schedule. Learn how to install golf cart batteries with ease so that you can get […]

DOA Power Source: What’s Draining the Car Battery?

You may baby the family car on a daily basis, but repair problems will always arise at the worst times. In fact, the car battery tends to take up a lot of your time. The car might need a jump, solid troubleshooting or a new battery altogether. Get familiar with the reasons why your batter […]

How to Use a Trickle Charger on Your Motorcycle Battery

You may not ride your motorcycle every day – maybe it’s more of a leisure vehicle for the weekends. This luxury works well for you, but the motorcycle battery may not agree. Hopping onto your bike one day might result in a disappointing morning with no power. Solve most of your problems by adding a […]

How to Test Your Golf Cart Battery

Manually pushing your golf cart around a property isn’t the goal of the day, but it might happen with failing batteries. If you’re curious about electric golf cart batteres and their current state of health, learn more about their testing processes. There’s more than one way to test for power before heading out on a […]