Dead Battery? How to Replace Your Car Battery

It doesn’t matter if you got your call last week or 10 years ago –  there’s a battery servicing that engine. It provides enough power for your car’s engine to turn over and roar into life. At some point, the battery will decline and stop working (due to old age, cold weather etc.). Replacing the battery […]

How Much ARE Golf Cart Batteries Anyway?

A battery for your car might average $100, but how does that compare to golf cart batteries? So many factors come into play – lifespan, warranties, quality, chemistry. Learn more about the cost and why it’s set within certain ranges – then there won’t be any surprises down the road as a result. The Bottom Line According […]

Is AGM or Gel Better for You?

In the world of battery technologies, the AGM vs. Gel debate is always an interesting one. First, let’s go back to the beginning and understand what we’re dealing with. VRLA Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries, also known as sealed lead-acid batteries, has two subtypes: AGM and Gel. The AGM, or absorbed glass mat batteries, use a technology in […]

The Pros and Cons: Electric vs. Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

It is a question as old as time. The electric mower or the gas-powered mower? There are pros and cons to both, however, the answer to which one is better lies with you! Electric Mower Pros Quiet Low maintenance Great for small lawns Lightweight so anyone can use it Easy to start Environmentally friendly Cons […]

Do You Know These Bizarre Golf Rules?

Golf. It’s the summer past time just about everyone can find a way to enjoy. From being the sport of choice for some of the world’s most powerful leaders to those who like to take along and drive the cart, golf has become much more than a hobby. It has become the catalyst that brokered major […]

Battery 101: How To Maintain Marine Batteries in the Offseason

Batteries not cared for, especially when not in use, are batteries wasted. They need to be maintained, cleaned, and kept charged. (This goes for all types of batteries, not just marine batteries.) Batteries that aren’t kept cleaned and maintained, end up with sulfated plates. Sulfation happens when a battery is starved of a full charge. Here are some […]

…Can Marine Batteries Get Wet?

Heading out on your boat is a fun diversion from life’s responsibilities. The surrounding water lulls you into a relaxed state, and the (hopefully) warm sun is heaven after a long week. Your boat, however, has its own set of requirements from the captain. Engine and exterior-surface care are often prioritized. Think about your marine […]

See You Soon at SolarFest! August 18th – 19th

We choose to work in the “greenest” industry in the world. More than 98% recycle/reuse closed loop utilization of lead–acid batteries, and support solar energy, wind and alternative energy systems. August 18th-19th, we’re headed to SolarFest. We’ll be joining in a “two-day celebration of the power and the possibilities of renewable energy and sustainable living.” With […]

Battery 101: This Is Where You Can Drive Golf Carts

It’s the peak of summer vacation time and everyone is wanting to take a golf cart and hit the roads of their preferred vacation spot. For many of us, we will enjoy the use of the golf cart so much we’ll start asking where else we can use one. Whether you are planning on hitting […]

Batteries vs Concrete Floors: What You Need To Know

Have you heard that you could not store lawnmower or boat batteries on a garage floor if it was a concrete or a cement floor? This tidbit of knowledge has been passed down over the years, with few people even knowing why they were not supposed to put the battery on the floor. It was […]

Battery 101: The Slow Trickle Charge

The odds are pretty good you’ve at least heard of a trickle charger, and can figure out what it does from context clues. The question most charger newbies have is, “Why use a trickle charger?” The simplest answer: trickle chargers are great for maintaining a battery as opposed to just blasting it with a fast charge […]

Golf Cart Etiquette Everyone Should Know

It’s summertime and everyone is headed to one of two places: the beach of the golf course. Whether you are going to the course, the beach, or just to the neighborhood pool, golf carts are the luxury transportation of choice. Before you jump into the cart, make sure you understand the etiquette required to be […]