Discover Watering Systems From Douglas Battery

Your industrial batteries are tried-and-true products, but they have their maintenance needs. Watering each battery must be a priority. With dozens of batteries on hand at your facility, this watering task becomes a time-consuming process. Discover how Douglas Battery can change your productivity levels with modern watering systems. They’re ingenious to say the least.

The Watering Dilemma

When you work with rapid charge batteries in bulk, their maintenance needs tend to add up to a lot of time. Watering just one battery may take a few minutes. Multiply this time by dozens of batteries, and you have a veritable problem on your hands. It’s just not feasible to sustain this amount of time in terms of profits.

Enter the Douglas Battery watering system. It makes watering a simple act that takes all of the effort out of your time equations.

In-and-Out Ease

Uncapping each vent on a battery takes time, so change the setup with Douglas battery products. Snap a system onto your battery, fill it up and disengage in less than a minute. Performing this step in a manual fashion leaves you with several more minutes of manipulating the water level and recapping the cells.

Your employees can move onto the next task on their to-do list now. Allow Northeast Battery to show you how a watering system can work for your facility. We’re proud to demo any product that might improve your workflow.

Durable Materials

Polyethelene plastic supports a portable watering cart, whereas polypropylene tubing is used for every conduit between the system and battery. These durable materials allow you to water your battery products each day with no corrosion, heat issues or impacts to worry about.

Connections between parts are also designed with care. No complicated valves are found here. Simple, screw-on mounts keep you moving through your workday. These watering systems also support a wide range of pressures, including levels from three to 35 PSI.

Install Almost Anywhere

Facilities need versatility when it comes to any new installation. A brand-new watering system is a great idea, but locating it in the proper area is a challenge.

Douglas solves this problem with a three-port swivel “T” on its system. Turn this part a full 360 degrees until you find the right angle for your battery-maintenance needs. The system might be in a corner or sandwiched between fixtures. You make the location determination for optimal efficiency.

Safety First

Popping open the battery’s cells exposes employees to potential hazards. Spilled acid and other accidents are concerns in any industry. Watering systems protect everyone from possible injuries.

The water and battery connection are isolated. Workers simply snap on the connector and activate the system. Injury is almost impossible now.

Workers can even step away from the system because it has automatic functions. It’ll stop the watering process when the levels are verified by optical components.

Being a safety-conscious company, Douglas encourages every facility to consider water systems when batteries in bulk are commonplace.

Paying for Itself

Servicing each individual industrial battery without watering systems costs time and money. After an initial investment, Douglas systems will pay for themselves. All of your batteries will last longer than before. You’ll deal with fewer trips to the recycling center too.

Money savings also extends to other areas, such as:

  • Reducing downtime on machines that depend on battery power
  • Saving on overtime to simply manually service the batteries
  • Protecting the employer from medical costs associated with battery-charging mishaps

Give Northeast Battery a call today. We can discuss watering systems, batteries and chargers for your applications. Today’s technology makes it possible to keep up with battery maintenance and business goals each day.