The Foolproof Way to Install Your Golf Cart Battery

Your purring golf cart seems to have run out of juice. This vehicle isn’t hitting the links today. Most golf carts run on batteries for all of their power needs. Replacing them is just a part of the cart’s maintenance schedule. Learn how to install golf cart batteries with ease so that you can get back to your outdoor excitement.

1. Don Your Safety Gear

GolfLinkcautions that even the simplest repairs have some risk. As you work with lead acid batteries, be sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves. All of these items should be able to withstand any leaked acid in rare cases. A Club Car is a quality vehicle, but the batteries can always leak at the worst moments.

2. Locate the Batteries

Golf carts vary in design, but the basics tend to remain universal. Look for a deep cycle battery in the front of the vehicle. It’s often located under the seat, which makes it easy to access.

Take a look at the setup before touching any connections. Take a photo of the arrangement so that you can recreate the configuration with new cart batteries.

3. Verify the New Batteries

Take a look at your new, lead acid batteries. Each one has a date code. Be sure that the date is relatively recent, such as within the past year. Deep-cycle batteriesthat are several years old won’t offer any value to your vehicle. You’ll end up replacing them in the near future.

4. Pull the Cables

Your cart batteries are normally in a set of six so that the power can be amplified across series or parallel circuits. Remove the cables by starting with the negative or black wire on one battery. Take off the positive or red wire afterward. Continue with this pattern until all of the electric golf cart batteres are disconnected.

5. Remove the Brackets

Electric carts take on a lot of road vibration, so they typically have brackets holding the golf cart batteries in place. Locate the brackets within the battery compartment. You may need a screwdriver to release them.

Carefully pry the brackets out, and remove the batteries. Place them on a solid surface away from any heat or direct sunlight.

6. Inspect the Compartment

Take a moment to look inside the empty compartment. Examine it for any leaks or debris. Clean out the compartment if necessary. You want the new, deep cycle battery to have a clean start. Any acid within the compartment can eat away at the new parts.

7. Clean the Wires

The wires within the compartment might have residue on them. Corrosion can reduce the lifespan of those electric golf cart batteres. Remove any buildup with a baking-soda cleaning agent. Although there are a lot of wires to clean, the effort will make the battery last much longer.

Allow the wires to dry before you attach anything to them. Water will conduct electricity in uncontrollable ways.

8. Insert and Connect the New Batteries

Install the new batteries into the compartment with the same orientation as the original power sources. Refer to your photo if necessary. Golf cars are compact vehicles, and the battery compartment is no exception.

Connect the batteries to their respective wires by starting with the negative terminals. Be sure to keep your hands away from the batteries as you connect each one. You don’t want to accidentally shock yourself.

9. Charge it Up

It’s true that the batteries will have some juice in them, but be sure to hook them to a battery charger. You want a full charge on them before taking the vehicle out. Riding on low batteries will only degrade them. A full charge won’t take too long to complete.