Got a Power Dilemma? Tips to Make Your Golf-Cart Battery Last

It’s never too soon to think about how to get longevity out of your golf cart batteries when spring rolls around. Golf carts are useful vehicles on and off of the links. They’re compact for small communities, industrial backlots and other locations. Their small size, however, gives them a limited driving range. These vehicles use a basic battery pack to power every accessory and motor component. If you want to see your electric golf cart power up with every turn of the key, follow these steps to get the most out of your battery

Look for Corrosion

Treat your golf cart battery as you would a car battery. You don’t want corrosion growing off each terminal. On a regular basis, inspect the battery. Plan on cleaning off the corrosion with baking soda and water, suggests the Trojan Battery Company.

Allowing the corrosion to fester on the terminals will only drain the battery over time. At some point, the corrosion might create a short, which leads to a completely dead battery.

Fill the Reservoir

A deep cycle golf cart battery has to be watered. The water is a key part of the electrolyte volume, which allows the battery to be discharged and charged multiple times.

  • Take a close look at the water level during your inspection
  • Add distilled water when necessary
  • Don’t cut corners and use tap water (the minerals will eat away at the battery; make it last longer with distilled water)

Switch off the Accessories

You may be well aware of golf-course etiquette when it comes to driving and parking the vehicle. However, most people don’t go as far as turning off the accessories as they step out onto the tee or green.

Make the golf car battery last longer by shutting off the vehicle’s accessories during every stop. The lights, radio and other components draw power away from the battery. Activating the vehicle with the accessories on will only reduce the battery’s lifespan.

Abide by the Weight Limit

Every electric golf cart comes with a weight limit that’s typically posted in plain view of the passengers. Although it’s not necessary to weigh everyone to the nearest ounce, abide by the posted weight limit. Golf cart batteries are designed to work under a certain load. If the passengers are too heavy, that fact puts strain on the battery. It will die back faster than a battery used under optimal conditions.

Avoid Extreme Driving Conditions

Hitting the open road in your personal vehicle gives you a chance to take on hills and alternative roadways along the way. This same statement cannot be said about golf carts. Ideally, drive the cart on relatively flat surfaces. Golf cart batteries aren’t designed for big hills. You’ll place a heavy load on the battery, and it’s lifespan is permanently shortened. Remain at a reasonable speed too because batteries rely on normal driving for their longest lifespans.

Charge the Battery Every Day

Your golf cart battery may only run for a few hours each day, but don’t store the vehicle away without a daily charging session. A deep cycle golf cart battery simply functions better when you charge it from a partial-power state. Running the golf cart battery down until it’s nearly empty doesn’t improve its lifespan. In most cases, this practice only degrades the internal parts.

Use an Automatic Charger

Charging technology has improved greatly over the years. Upgrade your manual charger to an automatic type, suggests Golf Carts Plus. Golf cart batteries respond well to automatic power applied to them. Once the battery is full, the charger switches off the energy.

Overcharging any power source, including 12V batteries, will reduce their lifespan. The electrolytes cannot hold or offer as much power as they did before. Each overcharging session will result in fewer hours on the road.

From 12V batteries to customized packs, our Northeast Battery inventory has every need covered. Be a hero to your customers with battery advice that makes sense. Those frustrating breakdowns will be issues of the past.