NOCO Power Accessories: Charging up the Mobile World

In this day and age, you’ve got to have power. Our team at Northeast Battery takes this fact very seriously with heavy-duty batteries to serve nearly every need. Bring the electrical outlet with you when your batteries are running low. NOCO offers some of the best jump starters in the industry. Take a look at the top three products right now.


When you need power in your pocket, the GB40 lithium jump starter will literally fit right in there. It comes with alligator clips that are practically two feet long. Connect them to any battery and ground as you replenish a charge. This product keeps going with up to 20 jumps per full charge

For the technician in you, the specifications are even more astounding. The GB40 comes with these features, such as:

  • 1,000 peak amps
  • Effectively jumps engines up to 6 liters
  • 7,000 joules 3S rating

CNet suggests keeping these tools in your car, but they can actually be stored in a number of different places. Because they’re so small, purchase several of them to keep around the shop or at home. Convenience is the hallmark of the GB40.

A 100-lumen dual LED flashlight and USB ports flank the product’s exterior. See what you’re doing when you need to jump start a dead battery. The GB40 becomes a helpful assistant when you have a low battery on a tablet, smartphone or other device. The power can be divided out without taking away from a dead battery’s successful jump start.


Which NOCO product can charge your wireless earbuds 96 times before requiring a recharge? Introduce yourself to the GB70 lithium jump starter. It’s slightly larger than the GB40, so it won’t fit in your pocket. However, it’s definitely a valuable asset to have in the car.

If you have a battery that seems to rapidly drain with its attached accessories, keep the GB70 on hand for those impromptu charging sessions.

You receive these key features with the GB70, such as:

  • Three-hour recharge time
  • 400-lumens LED flashlight
  • 12-volt supply
  • Two USB ports

Charge it from any USB port, including the connection in your car. For every full charge, you can jump about 40 different vehicles. Consider the power that you need on your RV, tire air inflator or hot rod. The applications for the GB70 are endless.

Every NOCO product comes with spark-proof designs, which makes clamping the jump starter to your battery even easier than before. The alligator clips are strong and simple to manage for any adult.


Business Insider reminds everyone that you can still carry jumper cables with you. However, you’re still relying on a good Samaritan in this case.

For the ultimate power to jump start a dead battery, turn to the GB150. It powers up even the largest gas or diesel engines up to 10 liters in size. A host of helpful features also dots the robust housing, including:

  • Real-time charge LEDs
  • Manual override button
  • Included voltmeter

As with the other jump starters, the GB150 comes with USB ports and 12-volt supply. Charge up nearly any electronic device today along with powering those handy, 12-volt products. Those coffeemakers and fans are instantly powered with the GB150.

If you aren’t sure about the right jump starter for your needs, Northeast Battery can break down the features. It’s always good to have a little more power than you think is necessary. The jump-starter family is a smart place to start when you want to take control of power on the road.

Stick with Northeast Battery for all of your power needs. From batteries to chargers, our stock keeps you moving and connected. Be part of the solution when batteries seem to drop dead in seconds. Handheld power will keep you on schedule.