Selecting Your Power Source: AGM Batteries to the Rescue

Most people have some familiarity with lead-acid batteries. They supply your car, motorcycle or golf cart with startup power. But – there are better battery technologies out there. AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries are well-equipped to support both residential and industrial applications. Learn more about this battery type so that you can update your power sources today.

Spill-Free Convenience

Other battery types depend on liquid mixtures to create an electrical charge between internal plates. An AGM battery has a different concept ruling their power design. Sulfuric acid that normally runs as a liquid is now absorbed into a fiberglass mat. Its fixed position allows AGM batteries to be spill-free designs.

Being spill free gives the battery versatility. Lay it down as it powers a machine. There’s no threat of spillage with this installation choice. You can also have AGM batteries in various shapes to fit your needs, from standard rectangles to cylindrical configurations.

No Gassing During Charging

Don’t worry about gasses building up around your AGM batteries because they give off very limited fumes. During charging, chemical reactions occur within the battery. Most gasses produced during this process are confined to the battery’s interior space.

If any gasses do build up, this scenario occurs:

  • A low-pressure safety valve opens up
  • Gasses slowly seep from the battery
  • The valve reseals itself for use at another time

Limiting the gasses around the battery gives you a chance to charge it in almost any location. Place it in a small room for charging. There are no hazards that can occur with these batteries and possible gasses.

Vibration Resistance

Using AGM batteries in deep-cycle applications means that some heavy-duty components are in play. Boats, wheelchairs and cars can all use these specialized batteries because of their vibration resistance. The electrolyte remains suspended in the fiberglass mat. The surrounding components can shake and shimmy, but the battery continues to power your machine.

Many other batteries won’t perform as reliably as AGM battery designs. Minor vibrations might create intermittent power issues or short, usage times. The vibration resistance built into the battery’s design continues to be one of its best features, reports Pep Boys.

Quick-Charging Capabilities

The physical structure of an AGM battery creates low resistance. In layman’s terms, electricity flows easily through the cells. With this fact in mind, it makes sense that electricity being sent into the cells will move with incredible speed.

AGM batteries charge up at a fraction of the time that’s necessary for other technologies. You don’t have to wait many hours to run your components once again. Swapping out the batteries isn’t required either. Planned, charging periods keep you on schedule for business or leisure activities.

Powerful Startup

Electricity that flows so easily also benefits your power-hungry components, especially in gadget-filled cars. Powerful currents race through the batteries so that you can start a car without any hesitation. Older technologies don’t fare as well as the AGM batteries.

The battery’s voltage is also a bit higher than other designs, which allows those currents to flow with great power. Turn over the engine of a fully loaded vehicle, and AGM batteries don’t miss a beat with their reliable power.

Long Lifespan

An AGM battery has nearly double the lifespan of other designs. The internal decline is slowed because of the fiberglass mat. Sulfation or crystal development isn’t a major concern in these batteries because the internal parts aren’t liquid. The suspended, sulfuric acid performs its electrolyte job without crystallizing into obstacles that ultimately break down the battery.

Tough in Cold Conditions

Battery University reports that AGM batteries hold up well under cold conditions. Consider these applications for your batteries, such as:

All of these applications often have cold conditions at least part of the year. AGM batteries keep the components running so that reliability isn’t an issue. There are no liquids involved that can freeze up, which makes the fiberglass mat an ingenious design for cold locations.

Many retailers carry AGM batteries, including Northeast Battery. Pick your application so that a battery can be quickly matched to it. Saving money on batteries helps your bottom line and productivity levels. Power up your components with trusted power found in AGM batteries.