Paving the Road Ahead: Trojan Battery Company’s Innovative Brand

Check nearly any golf cart zipping around the links, and you might find a Trojan battery powering it. It’s not a coincidence that many professional courses rely on this technology every day. There’s no room for error when folks are out on the course, whether for a club tournament, a business outing, or just for sport. The carts must run. Explore the wonderful, battery world that Trojan has created so you can make a solid decision on your next purchase.

Who is Trojan?

Trojan Battery Company has been in business since the mid-1920s. They’ve essentially built the battery industry up from the very beginning because they were one of the first innovators.

Most industry items were hardwired as Trojan grew and adjusted into their brand. By the 1950s, they were already cultivating batteries for the newest vehicles on the block: golf carts. Because Trojan was around for the birth of many technologies, they’ve worked through many of the kinks that hold back other brands.

They’ve continually improved their brand, products and technology. Trojan Battery Company remains a force in the industry with telltale maroon colors accenting their products.

Breaking the Mold With Environmental Responsibility

The Trojan innovators are currently working on renewable energy batteries to make an impact on every industry. Trojan Reliant started out with environmental responsibility in mind from the very beginning.

Trojan batteries are created with recyclable materials. It’s a fact that only one percent of the battery isn’t recyclable. The rest of the parts can be returned and reused in other products. Because there are so many vehicles requiring batteries today, being able to recycle any part of the power source is a huge boost to the environment’s health. Simply look for the maroon battery to add to your cart fleet.

Forging Ahead With AGM Designs

Trojan turned to AGM or absorbent glass mat technology when they realized that it perfectly fit their brand.

AGM batteries have these features that are suited toward golf-cart applications, such as:

  • On-demand high current
  • Reliable electricity
  • Lightweight parts

It didn’t take long for this technology to gain acceptance with Trojan’s customers. The batteries lasted for an extended amount of time while remaining affordable. AGM, along with other battery types, are only sold when Trojan approves of the quality inherent to the design.

Why the Golf-Cart Industry Trusts in Trojan

Trojan Reliant has been in business for nearly 100 years. They don’t just specialize in golf-cart power either. Trojan services these industries too, including:

  • Marine vessels
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Mass transportation
  • Renewable energy

Through all of their innovations, they’ve found a sweet spot for their manufacturing success. Every battery comes from their facilities. There’s quality testing on every battery, including overcharging and slow-trickle charging.

Carts on the golf course go through a lot of stops and starts. Leaving just one client stranded on the back nine is cause for concern. Course managers know that they can trust in Trojan batteries to get those clients back to the clubhouse and into a relaxing lounge.

Northeast Battery’s Role

As a Master Distributor for Trojan, Northeast Battery continues on in the manufacturer’s steps. Choose from the latest battery types, including AGM batteries, so that your business can run without fail.

We have multiple locations throughout the Northeast to serve countless industries. Simply give us an application, and we can find the right battery. Our close relationship with Trojan means that we can support those customized scenarios too. There’s no need to struggle with an unusual, power need.

If any issue arises with a battery, we speak directly with the manufacturer.

Work alongside Northeast Battery when you have a question about powering the next cart in line. Our team supports AGM technology and everything in-between.