Start 2019 With a Powerful Boost: Trojan Batteries Keep You Running Strong

No other battery line has the reputation and strength offered by Trojan Batteries. They’ve had nearly a century of experience to perfect their manufacturing process. In the new year, remind yourself that a maroon battery indicates quality at every turn. Keep running strong in 2019 with the latest technology only found with the Trojan brand.

Travel Time and Cycling Volumes That Amaze

Golf and utility vehicles are notorious for taking a standard battery down without warning. No one wants to push their vehicle back to the clubhouse! Trojan Battery continues to improve their products with travel times that seem to gain hours with each model year. It’s possible to drive a golf cart all day long on the links, and you’ll still have extra energy for an evening adventure.

Expect about 5,000 charging cycles from each battery. With the proper maintenance, a flooded battery can last for years.

Easy Watering

Each flooded battery requires watering at some point. Deep-cycle batteries rely on the liquid to charge and discharge with reliability every time. Trojan simplified the watering process by creating its patented HydroLink system.

Each Trojan battery has these features, including:

  • Flame arrestors for safe watering
  • Non-mechanical water-level indicator
  • Four-year warranty

Water the battery whenever the indicator tells you to do so. There’s no questioning the water level with Trojan’s user-friendly design.

Three Voltage Levels

Your golf and utility vehicles have unique purposes and designs that make them valuable in your life or business. Because of the varied number of vehicles in the marketplace today, Trojan continues to support countless industries with three voltage levels to their batteries.

Open up the hood on your golf-cart or utility vehicle. Take a look at the required voltage on the battery. Trojan produces 6-, 8- and 12-volt batteries. One of these products is bound to fit in your vehicle.

Go as Deep as Necessary

It’s not a typical habit to charge a golf cart during the middle of the day. Someone may need to use it. These vehicles run all day long, and then they receive their charge overnight. You need a deep-cycle battery for reliable operation. In fact, the battery must be able to withstand a real, deep discharge while taking a charge with no problem afterward.

Trojan knows that these batteries will be under incredible strain. As a result of their efforts, the batteries can take multiple, deep discharges and keep on going.

Get Compliant With Non-Spillable Batteries

Get excited about the latest advancements in AGM or absorbent-glass-mat technology. These batteries fall under the Reliant line, which comes as a non-spillable design. Many government facilities require non-spillable batteries. Your vehicle will be able to move around any of these properties without any concerns over battery spills.

Simply choose from Trojan’s AGM batteries. There are several products that qualify under the AGM descriptor. You’ll appreciate the reliable power alongside the maintenance-free design too. AGM continues to be the future of compliant, mobile energy.

C-Max Advancements

Renewable energy solutions in the form of Trojan’s Reliant line of batteries gives you a glimpse at the future, suggests the manufacturer. C-Max technology is the hallmark of Reliant batteries. These key features combine into the longest lasting battery on the market today:

  • Proprietary paste mixture
  • Strong, polymer case
  • Incorporated flame resistors
  • Advanced separator

Look for the maroon color and Reliant logo during your next purchase. This renewable energy is the cleanest and most advanced battery ever turned out by our manufacturing pros.

Get connected with Northeast Battery today. With so many Trojan batteries to choose from, you’ll want some guidance on the best selections. We’ll narrow down the category so that you can get powered up and out on the road. The Trojan brand will continue into the next century as a product to rely on.