5 Reasons to Use a Trickle Charger This Winter

Winter’s cold affects a lot more than just your fingers and toes. Every battery deals with sub-zero cold by discharging at a rapid rate. This scenario can spell disaster for some batteries that are on their last legs. Discover the simple way to prolong your battery’s lifespan with a trickle charger. These devices provide safe […]

The 3 Top Golf Cart Brands of 2020

When you’re in the market for a brand-new or used golfing cart, the decision-making process is just as intense as buying a car. There are features and reviews to consider. The brand itself is also a critical part of the entire scenario too. Explore Northeast Battery’s top 3 golf cart brands of 2020. These trusted […]

The 3 Top Lawnmower Brands of 2020

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, and the grass is about to jump into action. Be prepared for those landscaping tasks with a mower that can handle the job. Explore Northeast Battery’s top brands 2020 for lawn-mowing success. These designs will protect your lawn while making the task easier with each […]

3 Smoke Detector Brands You Can Rely On This Year

Pick up a smoke detector in almost any store today. They’re sold everywhere and under several brand names. Are you selecting the right brand for your family’s protection? This question comes up with each purchase, and it’s an important one too. Rely on Northeast Battery to give you a primer on the top 3 detector […]

How NOCO Helps Drive Battery Longevity

Rechargeable batteries have all sorts of myths associated with them. Developing a memory with lead-acid models is a common misconception that still needs to be cleared up. These batteries don’t have charging memory, but they can discharge and become less productive over time. Discover how NOCO is driving the mission to improve battery longevity. This […]

Why is My Smoke Detector Chirping?

Testing your smoke alarm and hearing that shrill sound gives you a preview of how the unit should operate when a hazard arises. There’s a more subtle sound that might emanate from your smoke detector, however. A telltale chirp can suddenly arise and continue on until its mysterious cause is resolved. Learn all about the […]

The Best Ways to Preserve Your Vintage Harley Davidson

If you’re a motorcycle fan, a Harley is usually your go-to bike. They’ve been in business for many decades, and their popularity continues to soar. Preserving your vintage bike should be a top priority. Consider these top tips for your Harley Davidson bike so that it roars to life with each passing day. Choose Enough […]

Top 3 Reasons Floor Scrubbers Fail

Floor scrubbers are ingenious machines that clean your floors in record time. They’re normally reserved for commercial purposes, but they can also be rented for residential applications. An issue that users run into, however, is scrubber failure. Uncover the top 3 reasons floor scrubbers fail. The answers are often simple concepts. 1. User Error The […]

How to Know When to Add Water to a Battery

Water is part of a car battery’s design. It offers a buffer between the internal plates as gassing occurs during charging and discharging. This water is susceptible to evaporation, however. Although it’s essentially trapped within the battery housing, adding water to it on a regular basis is required. Get to know the tips and tricks […]

Buy ULTRAPOWER 931s, Get Some Swag. Get the details today!

Heavy-duty equipment needs to have a reliable power source. That’s where ULTRAPOWER comes in. The ULTRAPOWER 931S battery has heavy duty commercial technology with advanced calcium lead alloy that reduces the battery’s water consumption, keeping it to a minimum. Plus, a thicker plate design with high durability technology gives this battery more cyclic stability, thanks […]

Discover Watering Systems From Douglas Battery

Your industrial batteries are tried-and-true products, but they have their maintenance needs. Watering each battery must be a priority. With dozens of batteries on hand at your facility, this watering task becomes a time-consuming process. Discover how Douglas Battery can change your productivity levels with modern watering systems. They’re ingenious to say the least. The […]